How Does Jet Lag Work?



GonNa talk about jet lag. I grew up flying back and forth between America and Singapore. So I wanNA share what I know about jetlag with you. First of all jet lag occurs when you travel between two or more time zones via air travel and the thing is it disrupts your circadian rhythm. Your body's natural cycle and you're sleeping patterns now. The Circadian Rhythm dictated by the daily appearance of the Sun. So light and darkness. Influence our bodies. But when this is disrupted it's official name is D- synchronous symptoms include insomnia fatigue loss of concentration irritability depression and even gastro intestinal ills but look jet lag or decent. Kronos is prevalent a nineteen ninety. Eight study found that ninety four percent of Americans get it and forty five percent reported that their symptoms were severe. So what causes jetlag? Well there is a whole field that exists to study how life is affected by time it's called chronobiology and here is what it's taught us. I late triggers a reaction in a special I pigment this activates response in the neurons of your brains hypothetical. Mus The twenty thousand nerve cells located. They're they're called the Super Cosmetic nucleus or S. C. N. for short are what starts your body's daily processes and also the lack of light causes other developments in your body. Circadian Rhythm tells you when to sleep and went awake and it regulates your body temperature blood pressure digestion urine production and hormone secretion so for example when it's time to sleep the SEM releases Melatonin and that encourages you to go to sleep when you cross into multiple timezones though your body has trouble resetting quickly and this is worse when you fly east. This is called phase advance. Flying West is called phase delay. This is because our circadian clock is actually closer to twenty five hours. Going East would require going to bed earlier. A study showed it takes four days to adjust to a twelve hour phase delay. In comparison. It takes more than eight days to adjust to a twelve hour phase advance and also jetlag is worse when you have to awaken when your body is still at its minimum temperature. There is also research from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. The indicates jet LAG is connected to your L. H. x. One gene and this gene regulates neural development and Circadian Rhythm. And Sleep. Okay. So we've got what causes it. What are the symptoms? How do you know if you've got jetlag? Well it's time to talk to Dr Christian beyond the insomnia fatigue loss of concentration irritability depression and even gastro intestinal ills. There's even more symptoms. It can aggravate menstrual discomfort or contribute to the development of heart disease and diabetes jetlag also releases stress hormones. Which make you anxious and grumpy? It drives up your blood pressure. It sends inflammation stimulating chemicals here arteries it also disrupts your appetite regulating hormones. It disrupts the release of Melatonin which we mentioned earlier. Not only does this affect sleep but it can also protect you from cancer in finally research on animals shows that there's other symptoms as well. A twenty ten study at the University of California found that when subject to jetlag the brains of hamsters created neurons? At half their normal rate they showed memory and learning deficits. And a two thousand. Six study at the University of Virginia. Found that younger mice rebounded from jet lag but making older mice undergo the equivalent of a Washington to Paris flight. Every week would actually increase their death rate yet. That's how big it is well for mice at least so we've got what causes jetlag and we have it's symptoms. You're wondering Dr Christian where the remedies. How do I fix this? You've probably heard of some of the common remedies like operating on your new time zone before you fly there or wearing yourself out before exercising by exercising in two thousand nine researchers recommend the following regimen to beat jetlag. I you readjust your rhythm before the trip by using a light box that simulates daylight now depending on whether you're flying phase advance phase. Delay us the light box either. In the morning or the evening to stimulate your circadian rhythm another suggestion from the same researchers was to take a Melatonin supplement by changing when you take the doses in relation to going to sleep. You can alter your circadian rhythms the CDC actually recommends exercise to a balanced diet. And lots of rest in the weeks before you fly. They also recommend avoiding alcohol and Caffeine as well as drinking water. Finally they recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing. While you're flying and moving around the cabin this can help avoid thrombosis or blood clots so do not take sleep medication. So you can sleep it off in your seat. In mobilization for long periods can actually raise your risk for thrombosis and this can actually lead to a stroke. So there you have it. The causes symptoms and remedies for jetlag.

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