California monitoring 8,400 people for possible coronavirus and actively testing 33 people


United States none of not doing so bad not doing so badly the United States has a we have about fifty cases and the fifteen of them are just an inexplicable but about about thirty five of those cases are people coming back from the Yokohama cruise and one of one in California they don't even know how they got that one person you don't know who I just I just saw on television the one L. thirty three cases in California no one will know thirty three people being quarantined and tested they don't know is that right about thirty three cases okay all right no but the point is this that do you remember of course you remember back when the CNN put out that tweet when the when the president had this a panel of experts doctors medical staff and CNN puts out a tweet a picture of that and says another example of the trump administration's a lack of diversity is what they were concerned with back then and this guy did the other night that his name is what a hot elite from The New York Times the other night when the president had his little event press conference bigger than it was and a great one to authorities very presidential and he was like take it easy everybody take it easy and we we should work together so much over and punk in a pantsuit net Nancy Pelosi stop sniping Abby let's work together anyway yeah this guy Wajahat Ali from New York times he says that the the the presentation was only one woman on stage surrounded by nine white men this is only see that these people are sick and I had a really really a second ed and then you had Jon Meacham but remember I told you I tried to watch Doris Kearns Goodwin's yes Washington you Washington special on the history channel and I saw John Avalon from CNN and then Jon Meacham I I got to meet him and then I turn that thing off I couldn't watch anymore because I know he's a raving that TDS afflicted lunatic John legion and I used to know the guy back in the M. S. N. B. C. day's gonna follow them all the time zone I miss all the time anyway this is not what this idiot said about the coronavirus yesterday on MSNBC migraines anxiety aside from the the impact of the virus itself is we're living in an age of xenophobia and it is not impossible to imagine a scenario where blame is cast in a short article in some country or group of people if this becomes worse you have this what is horribly normal what is this what they're worried about that that Americans might die or whatever they'll blame the pecans in here the woman there and I was making mmhm mmhm it Dave stick absolutely nuts out of their minds they hate this place the blame might be kids we should find out how this virus got started just it's it's it's it's just for knowledge sake it if it the blame falls on the Chinese it falls on the

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