Greninja Voted Most Popular Pokemon by Players



Pokemon community had a vote on the most popular POKEMON. And I gotTa tell you. I was Kinda surprised. That Gra Ninja is the most popular POKEMON. Right now out there in the Pokemon community your thoughts on Gr- Ninja getting the top spot and other pokemon Cario Mimic. You Charles ARD umbrella there. The top five but Pika chewed the most recognizable of the mall is barely even the top twenty and Evey is just barely twenty there so I asked him a friend. What's going on with people's changes in taste in what they love about. Pok Mon I duNNo. I feel like the older generation of Pokemon fans have kind of fallen off the wagon such as you and I and a newer generation of pokemon fans is there and the ones that are from older games. That are recognizable are only because they still take up so much spotlight in the newer games. Too like for example the POKEMON. Let's go e V pokemon. Let's go peek. At you like you could fly your charter around right like you still got those Pokemon and they were still fun to play with and you needed to use them to get to certain parts of the map like they still take up centerfold in the newer pokemon games and I think that's what keeps them alive especially like Ginga gingas. Always in the cartoons. He's in the movies. He's got a bunch of plush toys of gang are everywhere you go? And it's it's they've done a good job of marketing. They market the POKEMON that they want to be front and center right the and you know they. They have a certain set. So we're not gonNA see like a d glit- or something you know making that top list were just gonNa see the ones that pokemon decides to focus on in the new

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