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Comfort in Social Distancing with Lainey Lui and Duana Taha



Are you doing okay? Well I'm exercising at home That has been my gym. Did an online workout today. So I did that this morning is I think we plan to try to maintain as much of a routine as possible. You know. Do feel like we're coming at this from a fortunate point of view because we work from home already. Yes I agree. I don't feel like I have to adjust that part of my life. It's more than I also am kind of focusing on making sure. My kids have consistency and schedule and staying engaged. So we've set up a family schedule for them that doesn't include like TV and screen time and their tablets but is a lot of like learning and playing. And I hope I'm hoping to make their own lunches every day and try to like some personal responsibility as well so I think scheduling helps communicating with. Everybody helps. Yeah. We're talking about talking about a lot of stuff and talking talking it out with our kids and they've been really really flexible and wonderful about everything which is really kind of been awesome. We're watching more movies. We watched e. We watch right now. My children are watching frozen to thank you. Disney plus for releasing that early. Because they're thrilled. And that keeps them busy while doing this. Podcast so they aren't barging in seconds. And then we're going to do you know. I think they have some good audio books. And some podcasts that they love and then plus. We have kind of some school stuff. We're going to do and we've been talking about like some activities like I bought some blank books and where everybody's going to write a book. Oh that's so cool. What a great idea. Well this it's all great right now in the idea phase. Let's see how if we execute it and get it done in my in my brain. I'm like sit and write drafts of our little books. Color them and but like truly my youngest had a little bit heading into meltdown territory. Just making her bed this morning so I'm a little bit like. How is this really going to go? I don't know yeah but you know we're just going to do the best we can. That's all we can do. That's all we can do. All we can ask for all that can happen right now. The most important thing is that we stay home. So that's what we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. We're doing that well you know. I'm staying home really well. Yes same. I've been I've been going on long walks with Henry and with Bo not together. We don't separately because we don't walk them together and that's been really nice. I did I ran into some friends on our walk yesterday. We kept a six distance from each other. They were also with their baby. Was it was really nice to just even just nice to see them. Because you know we're not seeing many people. Yeah and I finally did that at home. Yoga I've been threatening to do for so long I did. I did yoga with Adrian. It was great as as advertise. What class did you do? I did a yoga for gratitude practice. Ooh Yet felt very you know on theme and yeah. It felt really good. I'm going to try to didn't do it yesterday. I did it Saturday night But I would like to try to do it every day every other day just tried. I want to try to move my body at some point. I'm looking into some online workouts. If people have suggestions online workouts or other online yoga classes or online dance classes like anything. I would love to hear them because I finally have enough room to actually work out in my in my home Which is which is great. So I've seen a lot of to hear people suggestions. A lot of fitness studios are offering classes online. Which is so cool. Yes so cool did you. I don't know if you saw this and this you know. We're recording this and actually think listeners. You might have time to catch this. The indigo girls are doing a online performance. Yes I did see that when she gets happening the day. This comes out yet six. Pm Eastern Yup. So look if you tune into that indigo girls concert. I'll be there watching with my kids already. Today was like on Thursday. We're going to be going to an integral show. They were like in-person. Everything's digital right now. I just love that. I think that's really fun. Way To come together. Dorey. I've also been Marco Polo ing like crazy. Oh you have with who the friend. I have kind of three main group chats going. My My high school friends my college friends and then my like local community mom friends. Oh Fun and that is keeping me like laughing. And I don't want to say keeping me sane because I I kind of hate that term. But yes making me feel more connected to people and especially because we're all experiencing you know. I have people who are closer to the virus than I am and it's really scary. It's kind of just keeping me feeling connected and in a community.

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