Corona Personas: Real Housewives Edition


Have a segment that I have duh corona. Personas out of your head and it's GonNa get that is my new favorite Hashtag Corona Persona and a lot of these not only housewives. But you know our our nearest and dearest celebs of our rights of all elks has been taking the the interwebs and developing some real corona personas. Yeah it's like some of your friends are are like the alarmist they're like other people are like doing their memes and their jokes. We've got it all and the housewives have not disappointed in your reactions. I would also like to shout out a listener of ours and someone who is follow on twitter. Who's hilarious and she has been just like diving into see. Where all the house where Casey and I were sending little things back to enforce to each other what the house is doing. But this person has taken it. To a new level I wanted to shout at Kendra James. She's really funny so take a look at her stuff. So one corona persona that has emerged is Ms Ramona singer and she quote feels fortunate to be an isolation with EX HUSBAND. Mario Singer after he cheated six years ago. They are hunker down though they are at a beautiful Italian dinner. The two of them sharing a nice bottle of red. Just really hunkered down there. Are they having sex? Danielle for sure they have always had a very sexual relationship. Yeah so I think. In the time of pandemic they are moving to towards one another. And have you also noticed? Her Corona Persona is stretched like not only. Has she done something to her face? But her the way that she's shooting or her filter has is like a blurry stretch. And there's something going on with that. We all want a vertical stretch. Yeah it now corresponds. Yeah it's a strange like stretch or filter. But I will say. It seems that they are all in Boca. Raton my hometown. I'm playing cards. H You're parks shows a beautiful photo with gorgeous sons and it is liked by one. Kathy Kelly. She says day one of being Hashtag home has shed. School has shag. Mom has shut principal. Hashtag I love. My Son's teaching is not my ministry. God May grant all the MOMS DADS and caretakers patients in grace during this quarantine. Godsend a village. How Shaka Rona how? Iko But nineteen now another corona persona. That I appreciate is Cynthia Bailey. Because she has decided to use this Pacific Time to get the SUNGLASS industry back up now as time. I wonder if she'll be packing up hourglasses. We ordered a year ago. Yeah I was GONNA say as everybody knows we order those still waiting on that and the cargo bag that we ordered from her many years ago so I feel like this she literally is literally coronas on. I'm going to get those I'm at home. I'm going to get those sunglasses ago and I'm GonNa get those orders out. You know now. Knee leaks posted a gorgeous photo and we'll get into this more but of her and Lil Sis Porsche and she's just kind of updating us on where a friendship is at big SIS LIL SIS is back. The past is the past. I don't care about yesterday. We Are Sisters Today Hashtag by receipts

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