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Welcome to just SIP. I am Justin Semester and actually really excited about this podcast. There is a show that I am obsessed with. It's called the Bachelor and Bachelor in paradise. I don't know if you've ever heard of it. It's this little show that has been coming on for the last ten years and I don't know the inner workings of it I mean I saw unreal but I know sometimes that's heighten. I know that's all BS sometime. So I'm going to get the Real T. From somebody WHO's been both in front of the camera and behind the inner workings on a show like this. Please welcome wells Adams. I'm sitting here with the Master of Radio in pipe casts. Act Ask you. Yeah how do you like my set up? This is not. This isn't a podcast Justin. This is this is the only. This is the only time I've been invited to go to podcast where we're at said it'd be camera ready you podcasts are raid like radio. You don't need to see what they look like. No for sure but I am a visual so this is a TV show. Yes thanks for having me on your television show. Justin I really. I really really appreciate it. And it's so funny because whenever we throw names around here It's always people that were super interested in and who we don't know much about and I couldn't let anyone this week so you're only clinches call wells no it was not that at all. That was last week when we tried to. Hit you up but this week we actually really wanted you because I feel like there's so much about you that I don't know we've become friends as last year. You've worked together on the red carpet but first of doing and doing great. This is a wonderful podcasts. That you have here. It's crazy right. Yeah I haven't done anything today. I woke up. You look like you just woke up. You is this guy. Say Yes. Okay but thank you for being honest about it and then you look fresh. Oh really like you know like when white men have money they just look like they like roll out of bed in that white t shirt gene. The Mike it's I it doesn't Jilin all wears out in database. Yeah so yeah I woke up. I I worked out a little bit. I took esteem. I came to hang out with you and now I'm drinking is in its Soga. It is very good but it's early at what is this. It's apple CIDER. Vinegar Rows Lemon Juice Tequila and ice is it. Do you do the apple cider thing? Because it's good for your gut or yeah okay and I just think that it helps to Tequila. Go down and get process a little bit. Yeah like a tricks my body. I'm doing some healthy but really I'm getting lit. Yeah 'cause 'cause Akilah makes you want to throw up and then the vinegar makes you not throw up. Yes smart the vinegar makes it go down. Yeah yeah so it was like okay if I get it all down. It's so funny. Remind everybody. What season of the Bachelor that you are on? I don't even know I think. Joe Fletcher Fletcher so I think it was Bachelorette season twelve I lasted I believe. Seven episodes you actually left in week. Six Okay I did my research but I did a mental so that got me the seven. Got The ellen. How do you know that it's called research? How did you even get on the Bachelorette who talked to you in to like like giving in putting yourself out there? Okay so this story is Kinda funny. My brother is like the most wonderful Really good-looking won the families. Yeah he's awesome seems Brat and gently trying to hook up with him in the way. Yeah well he's married but still. Yeah you should. You should one hundred percent But he was. He lives in Brentwood in Los Angeles and he has one bar he goes to. It's called cues and And he was there and he was holding court he was just like big man on campus and a casting director saw and walked over and was like you have enamored everyone around you. You are so fun to watch. I need to know who you are. And he was like okay and then He. She gave Her his card and was like the Bachelor I want you to be on the Bachelorette so we went through the entire casting process and the thing that people don't realize about the casting processes it takes a very long time how long for me it was like four or five months like a very long time the vet you yet to meet a ton of people. Yeah it's like that we are. I'll get into that part or you down the road but like it just takes a long time in that win that Swatch of time. That window of time he ended up finding someone and basically called up was like hey listen. I met a girl and now he's married to her so look down but he's one of those guys that like never burns a bridge like he is friends with everyone he's ever met. Yes and so. This was like seven eight years ago. Well now it's longer 'cause it was like seven eight years ago. When he told me about an auditor radio show in Nashville. And I used to do this. Radio bit where. I would go on auditions for like stupid commercials. And I'm not an actor at all but it was like a funny bit that I would do with my co-host where we'd like run lines for like meow mix commercials. Yeah exactly and so. I'll so excited. At My meow. Mix Commercial or like by China paper plate commercial than I can read this and then so I would go and I would bomb intentionally because it wasn't about me. I didn't want to be an actor. It wasn't about me getting the part about me having the next day of like what you didn't get the paper plate commercial like you could like. How did you screw up the meow? Mix Line now assets myself all the time how did you? Yeah and so be inconsolable. And My co-host like berating. The and it was like a funny bit. We did so then I became single and my brother was like hey man. I've friends with this casting director for the Bachelorette. Do you want to meet with them? And I was like this is going to be the funniest radio bit. Ever because I'm going to be like to do. She focused on yes and Lo and behold not to do she. Just the right amount of do should. Did you go in with your normal level of Douche or did you add some extra to try to like to try to throw them off and try to get the whole big going I went in like Super Laze fare? So they It was at a hotel in Nashville. And I like was. I can't believe I did this at the time it was in assessing but it's it seems so big. Timea. I told them I said. Hey Listen I've got a morning show at this. Time is doing three shows as a morning show and then I have an afternoon drive show so I have a window of like eleven thirty to twelve thirty that I can do this. I have a hard out. Yeah and they were leg and they're like okay fine totally but in their minds who I think is you know. I think they knew your brother. And they were probably. Maybe he's the big Lebowski as well. Maybe I don't know so I go to this hotel and I get the lobby on the first guy because I have a heart out. Yeah so I go that. I'm wearing like a Jean Jacket. And like probably this exact shirt actually. It's probably this outfit but with Jean Jacket. Which I've seen you in a few times because you wear that to rehearse yes. I have a uniform so I get there and I look around and every guy is in a suit because in their minds. They're like I need to look like I'm supposed to look when I get out of a limo. Yes and I was like Oh Shit. I am under addressed for this. Don't you hate FM? Yeah no no but but but in my mind I'm like this is great like this is such great radio. I'm starting off so bad so So then they they call me up and they sit they sit you down in. It's kind of similar to this situation. Y YOU DOWN. And it was two female casting directors and they started asking me questions and they're like they're like first off. Why the hell do you got to leave at four in like five minutes and I have. I have a radio show and they're like oh great. Do your radio bit and luckily enough. I had done my morning show so I'd already had done like four bits. See good so I like just word vomited like the four bits. I had about like Justin Bieber. Peeing in a trash can and like how. That was the luckiest trash can ever know like. It was like some stupid like that and I had them at rolling laughing roles like this. I thought like I was thought I was being so like ridiculous ridiculous. I didn't care yes I will at. The time wasn't really trying to get on the show. I just thought like this would be a really funny radio. Yes but dying laughing and I remember afterwards. They're like so. What are you doing in March and April and I was like? I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow but Yeah no and they're like well. Maybe blocked that out. We need to see you in Los Angeles and I was like oh I guess I did. You made it to the next. So then they fly you out Los Angeles. And then you take a five hundred question. Ecology tests psyche. Val Okay by the way people don't realize which I think is think it's got. I think what they actually do as you take the psyche vow and they just have to say like in case someone goes rogue one that show they have to say what we talked about them and we tested them and they didn't seem crazy X Y and Z. I don't really think because I've seen some crazy people on reality shows yeah as that psyche will. Yeah where have you seen the questions? I was on a reality show so I had to take the psyche. Yeah we'll get to that later on keep on going with your story. Well the the questions of like do you want to be a park ranger. And they'll be like I don't want to be Park Ranger. Have you ever had feelings of hurting animals do do you exactly? Do you think that people are out to get you going to rethink the the Park Ranger question? When you hear things do they. Come from inside your. Hey do you hear voices? Which way is going there? I remember taking that. You're all alone in like the Sheraton by the LAX. And I was like. I don't know I'm scared out. Then you crazy maybe I do. WanNa kill the money by the way I had a girlfriend. Who went on bad girls club? This is before we knew a bad girls club was about. She was like one of the first girls. On one of the first seasons are the second season yeah and she was telling me about it and I was like. There's no way that they get on that. Show Nabi able to pass the saggy dow new out this bitch earth person in the house. Yeah because their birthday bells and whistles on like Oh. They're looking for crazy unstable. Yeah well I wasn't.

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