How Do I Prune an Overgrown Hydrangea?


Says it's about that time of year to Prune my hydro Angius and how far back should I TRIM? It's it's a huge plant and hasn't been touched in about ten years. Oh Wow you know typically when we talk about pruning how far back to cut you. Always kind of use the one third role but hydrangea so a little tricky It depends on when they bloom. if they bloom in late summer Then they are really blooming on new growth from the spring. So you can prune them now up. Either you can em as far back as you want because all the new growth is going to give you the blooms And this is GonNa be the types Like Annabel Limelight some of those varieties But if it's one that Bloomsburg say midsummer blue one Or maybe something like an Oakley Hydrangea Then it's going to boom on old wood which was actually started to grow last fall so the time to prune them is in an after they bloom in In late summer early fall so you know so. They have time to put out new growth. That is going to actually give booms for the next year so You know I know this sounds confusing and that's probably why Fred probably gets. This gets question multiple times over the years I wanted to Prune. Hydrangea I think the best thing to do. Would if you did it if you have Internet access if you just put an question when to Prune Hydrangea And there's a lot of good resources there that kind of help you divide the ones that like to be pruned in in the fall river versus the ones. I'd like to be pruned this time of year. Well not only that. But it's spread has has Mentioned at least I've heard him say that. There are so many varieties. Now of HYDRANGEA. It's hard to tell because now they have ones that bloom pretty much all summer. Yeah and you know that's why I think If you did a search like this Fact as I'm as I'm talking I have just put that same question and and I found a site Actually coming from Gardner Supply Company which I love their products. And is and the question when to Prune hydrangea and And this person has got pictures and a chart and he tells switch drainage is To Prune and late winter like now and which ones to to prune after they build them in the summer so I think that's It's got some great pictures here too. She kinda help you sort it out

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