New York City movie theaters close due to the coronavirus


Wins there are new numbers this morning on the corona virus ten deaths in New York state nearly one thousand cases four hundred sixty three of those cases here in the city in New Jersey three deaths one hundred seventy eight cases the front page of the post shows a deserted time square with the headline great white way as of late last night all bars restaurants movies theaters casinos gyms closed in New York New Jersey and Connecticut our time on tone begins our ten ten wins coverage from midtown last call came hours early it makes Sorley's old ale house and while bars can serve take out drinks over at the Gramercy ale house on Third Avenue Steve the manager told ten ten wins it would have been nice to have a heads up to let us know we can do it so we can actually have the cops and you know supplies needed to do it Steve's solution where you want it reporter shot your hands and drinkers said bars near the garden often cross eighth Avenue to Jesse's express cafe where Eddie fills them with food but no more no more no more for at least one whenever nobody goes to the side close this dining area closed closed there's that word again John Montone ten ten wins outside the Blarney stone on eighth

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