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Bill Gates, Assault And NATO discussed on Real Talk With Rashad Richey


To this Ted talk Bill Gates did a Ted talk M. twenty fifteen and his title was the next outbreak we're not ready let's go back into it the best lessons I think on how to get prepared again what we do for war for soldiers we have full time waiting to go we have reserves that can scale assault to large numbers a NATO has a mobile unit that can deploy very rapidly NATO does a lot of more games to check our people well trained they understand about fuel in logistics on the same radio frequencies so they are absolutely ready to go so those are the kinds of things we need to deal with an epidemic what are the key pieces our first is we need strong health systems in poor countries are that's where a mother's can give birth safely kids can get all their vaccines but also where we'll see the outbreak very early on we need a medical reserve corps lots of people who've got the training and background who are ready to go with the expertise and then we need to prepare those medical people with the military taking advantage of the military's ability to move fast to logistics and Securus windows simulations German games not war games so that we see where the holes are the last time a germ game was done in the United States was back in two thousand one.

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Bill Gates, Assault And NATO discussed on Real Talk With Rashad Richey

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