Tips For Homeschooling During Coronavirus


Is another life. Kit Dispatch from the new land of Corona virus. And today's episode is what you parents need to know about home schooling because tens of millions of us out there are now doing the best we possibly can to keep our kids engaged get worked on and maybe even do some learning and as always as education reporter we've been looking into. This anya has a lot of really great information to help you. All who are home-schooling. We want to get to that in just a minute. But I'm going to start us off with our first takeaway take number. One is a little background for your parents who may be Kinda curious. Public schools may not be offering full and complete online replacement leaning. And there's a reason for that. Let's because schools have a legal obligation to provide equitable learning opportunities to all kids and Any kind of e e learning program gets really dicey for districts. Really fast It's hard especially for districts with a lot of poverty to guarantee access to things like hardware so tablets and laptops but also wi fi access And even if they can do that they also need to make sure they can provide all the same supports to kids with disabilities to that they would be providing obviously school was in session and that includes even access to para educators and that gets really hard yeah absolutely so para educators meaning like AIDS. That help kids one on one. And so you know it's corn. I have done a lot of reporting on civil rights. Law says that every student in school no matter what their disability is is required to have access to a free appropriate public education. And that's why parents might be wondering. Why can't my kids? Teachers get on video chat and teach my kids all day. Long for me These are some of the reasons why that's why instead schools are opting to give things like paper packets like the ones. My kids brought home or online links with work. They can do but they're going to have to do it without any direct instruction they really have to be self directed which obviously is a big challenge right now so on your this also leads right into. I think the key thing we want parents to know about learning that comes with less structure right. Yes and that is our takeaway number two. You need to know your kid because with home based learning strong learners can do even better and we heard learners can have an even harder time. I talked to Justin Right. He's an education researcher at Mit about this and he focuses on online learning but what he says really applies to all kinds of home. Schooling online. Learning is really hard for a lot of people It requires a lot of self regulated. Learning skills that you know even a lot of really Adult sophisticated learners. Don't particularly have very well. Rake has spent a really long time studying. How online learners do. How self directed learners you and and he says there's kind of a penalty for learning online. We sometimes talk about the transition from face to face. Learning to online learning is having an online penalty that in of different kinds of research people do worse in online learning settings. They get lower grades. They're more likely to drop out and fail. And those kinds of things and that online penalty is worse for the most vulnerable struggling students in our system. So with all of this in mind. It's just so so important for us as we're plunging into this world to be realistic of our expectations of you know how long our kids can work on their own. How involved are we going to need to be what capabilities? What time do we have the adults in the household to get this done on a I can say as a parent? I've been seeing this firsthand in my own family these past few days. One of my boys really prefers to work alone. He's really good at self directed learning but the other one told me dad. I don't like this. I like working in groups in school. We almost always work in groups. Why can't we work in groups at home right so for a kid like that? You know. Maybe you're GONNA try to emphasize finding zoom class or another place that he can get together with his buddies? If you have the capability we also want parents to realize that this is so so fluid and so so new and there's going to be resources becoming available slowly in some places for students that need it and that ranges from online tutoring even to services with students with special needs that are mandated by your school districts. So you know. Stay in touch with your district with your kids. Principal and teacher You don't have to do this all yourself okay. So we've talked an awful lot about the real limitations of learning online and trying to do at least some of the schoolwork from home. Is there a silver lining in here on you like? Is there anything that can help us get through this? Yes actually corey there is and this is our takeaway number. Three now is a great time for Passion Projects Passion projects. See the funny thing about doing. This is normally we go over the stuff and I. I'm genuinely surprised here and I'm excited to hear what you're about to say here. Because I feeling this is GonNa work really well for my eight year old. Please tell me I'll say okay. So what all these experts told me. I've been looking into independent learning for a really long time as much as we see that. Struggling learners can struggle even more with the upended routine and having to learn independently. There is a flip side and that is now is the time for your kid to learn what he or she or they really wants to learn so I spoke to whom I in. She works as an educational coach for students in the Bay Area. And she told me this. I think the best thing to do is use this as an opportunity for your child to say. Hey you know what? Let's look at the things that you've wanted to do before but haven't had time for what is something you wanted to learn on has been checking in with kids all over the country this week that she's worked with and she said this you know one kid said. I'm learning the UKULELE Using an online APP and another one was like I don't really time to do writing or work on my songwriting. And that's what I'm GonNa do right now so corey you know. Give your kids a little nudge. In a certain direction it could be cooking. It could be building something in minecraft anything they're truly interested in. I remember you saying your son is really good at building. Like little gadgets from stuff around the house right Currently a coffee mug taped to the wall are playroom and I'm not really sure what it's for. It's taped sideways and it's full of ribbons. I was GONNA ask him about it. See this is the key because when we are tapping into our kids self-motivation that means we're not standing behind them with the Buggy whip right. We're going to get more time to ourselves when we encourage them to immerse themselves in something that they are truly interested in and that's kind of the key independent

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