Three tips on how to convince friends and family to stay home



I'm health reporting tyler. Journalists Daughter Norman Swan so norman. There's been a lot of talk recently about people not taking the pandemic seriously and people that interested to talk about how to talk about it with the people in their life. Who are still wondering around too much. Do you have any tips on how to convince that person who just doesn't want to seem to get the message yet road depends through the are probably more often than not but this preaches coming here being a younger person who feels that they're invincible and they'll just go out and get it and they'll be over it and after all they'll say isn't it just like the flu and so here's the argument one is that yes. It's true that younger people are not as likely as older people to die from it but there are plenty of younger people who die for from it. So if you think you're steel belted. You're actually not thirty to forty percent of intensive care. Unit beds are taken up with people who are relatively young and some of them die and there are no known risk. Factors for why those people died because it's not like elderly people with heart disease and diabetes and so on the no other particular risk factors so you are actually playing. Russian roulette by going out and doing it and the second reason you need to actually be serious about this is do you have family so parents and grandparents you're contributing to the spread to the community and actually could kill them and then the third thing is is when you were at school. Did you have friends that we're on to do nursing? Did you have friends who went on to mid soon or work in healthcare physios and so on because if this gets out of control they will actually die because twenty percent of people of healthcare professionals will get this. They'll get a big doors and many will get it severely and there are doctors and nurses dying of this. Is that what you want? If that isn't enough to convince people I think there's something wrong with them so I do it for yourself but also do it for the people around you people that you love. That's right because it's not guarantee you're going to get a mild dose of it so David's asking if we can clarify what the differences between nineteen and size cough to SARS. Cov too confusing SARS. Cov Two is the virus that causes covered so covered. Nine thousand nine. Is the disease so flu? Like symptoms runny nose fatigue loss of taste loss of smell sometimes diarrhea. That combination of symptoms is the disease and the disease can go for a week. And then you get better or can go for a week. And then after a week you fall off the cliff and you get really seriously ill. That's covered nineteen SARS Cov. Two is the virus that causes it and it's called SARS Cov too because this conversion over related virus to SARS which affected people about fifteen or more years ago in various countries of the world. So it's kind of a second version of the SARS virus not really. The SARS virus was the second version. People say it's the corona virus really what they should be saying. It SARS Cov Tube and the reason why you separate the two is that some people are infected with SARS Cov two and either have very very mild symptoms so mild. They don't know they've got it or totally is symptomatic and sixty percent of infections of SARS COV which leads to covered nineteen are from people who are asymmetrical very minor symptoms and therefore the don't know they're spreading around so speaking of spreading it. We're also getting a lot of questions about testing and testing kits and people are asking. Why can't we being Stra? Just manufacturer testing kits. If there's a shortage there are labs that can produce the reagents and which is the chemicals you need to analyze the genes on the virus. So we do have those reagents around and we can manufacture but we don't have many facilities left in Australia which actually can do that so over the years. We've lost industries in Australia. Which have the tooling which allows you to produce these kits at mass-scale so we can produce the kids but not in the quantities. That's required us as why we're having to import them but we do have some machines around which can actually do this. Sort of testing on mass. They're taken up with other work but we do have those machines to so we would have to create a manufacturing facility with over controls there that we just don't have at the moment so that's some questions from grownups but we're also getting heaps of questions from kids and we've covered a few over the last few episodes but let's keep doing that. Clara has sent this in from isolation at home she and her family have called symptoms. And they don't WanNa make other people seek Clara an league in Adelaide. Five two more. Why IS CORONA VIRUS? Started a really good question Clara and the reason. It's so bad. Is that first of all? It's very contagious. And by contagious. We mean how many people would spread to so if I've got the infection or let's say you had Clara. How many people could you infect around you and on average you in fact two or three people one for the time that you've got the virus that's actually quite a lot so if you've got the flu it's under twos maybe one and a half people but if it was a pretty mild infection then you wouldn't worry too much and eighty percent of people eight hundred ten people? It is actually fairly mild but in twenty percent of the people it gets severe. And that's because it locks into receptor in your long. That's a lock and key mechanism in your lung and can create a really bad lung disease. So it's not a smash a lung infection as your whole long reacts and almost go solid and you lose the ability to take air from the atmosphere breathe it in and get oxygen going into your bloodstream. And that's why people die of this. We have you feel better soon Clara. We've also got a question for six year old. Ezra get virus when you already have a different virus while we'll happen mix or something else. That's a really good question as a really clever question really no but if you were to get influenza if you were to get the flu at the same time as covered nineteen that's the disease caused by the virus. Sars virus then the likelihood is that they will add or multiply together and damage your lungs and damage your body much more than each individually and maybe much more than each so. It's not multiplying by to the effects could be multiplying by four or six. Because they work with each other to actually make your body worse. That's if you get the influenza or say the common cold it could make everything much worse with other things like say for example if you've got cancer diabetes and so on usually means that your immune system your ability to fight this office weaken so you're more likely to get an infection and more likely to be able to resist it very well and so your body if you like is distracted because it's taken up by fighting the cancer or fighting the diabetes then your body's distracted and you're more vulnerable more open to the infection. Hope that explains in language that Communicates Clearly Ezra but really good question. Sorry research groups all over the world looking for different ways to treat and KUA card. Nineteen and the W. H. O. The World Organization has just launched a mega trial of four of the most promising corona virus treatments. Norman what are they testing? So they're testing a variety of drugs testing this anti-malarial co Corcoran related drug called Haiku. Hydroxy chloroquine which may be a bit stronger. They're looking at HIV drugs which are anti viral anti retroviral drugs. Ones Le Vian routine over the has been some disappointing results. I think from those two. But they're going to have a look at them as well and maybe add an immune stimulant called Interferon Beta which helps to which helps to attack viruses. So in other words you might get three drugs working together which might affect the immune system and love noon system to attack. The virus in interferometer has got some nasty side effects which would probably have to monitor it. And then there's this other drug called Rim desert here which is a recent drought produced by a drug company called Gilead for another purpose for another virus and go to try that because they think they might get an effect with the SARS Cov too. So what they're going to do. It's it's not a randomized controlled trial they're gonNA allocate people to one or other of the drugs or the or usual care drug combinations registered as a trial and watch what happens to them as the go through so that it's not going to be a perfect trial but we don't have time for a perfect trial. We just go to be able to get people. On these study drugs we know on average. What percentage goes on to develop serious disease and needs to be ventilated and we know roughly what percentage will go onto dine. Can we developed from that and then we'll do comparisons between the different drug groups. How do they know that these drugs are ones that might work? The don't really so some of it is a bit theoretical but there have been some small pilot studies which suggests that there may be ineffective anti-malarial the not very good studies. But they're not good enough to say to everybody let's get onto Corcoran and there are side effects from from these drugs as well so you don't want to recommend them because it distracts from what might be the cure and your door to real mess out there. So you really want to know. Divided all up. There's some indications from small studies uncontrolled studies relatively uncontrolled studies. These drugs may have an effect. And I were GONNA do scale up the trial and see when you compare them in a reasonably scientific way which one standout if any because non may but we gotta get on and find out.

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