Is It a Bad Idea to Start Flight Training and Other Questions


Is it a bad idea to start my training now? Given the state of the economy and Airline Industry Mike Okay Clark from Burlington Vermont. So this is the big question right now right because we have the airlines. That are clearly having trouble with all the travel restrictions and the scare of this corona virus going around and I don't have really good answers for whether or not you should start right now. What I do know is that eventually life will go on. This isn't this isn't a diseases killing everyone and it is very very serious and I don't want to get on a high horse of any kind of want to keep it pretty relevant to flight training but it will recover eventually and so I don't know I don't know what that recovery is GonNa look like. I think the government is definitely looking very seriously about stepping in today on the White House. Briefing president trump was saying that he would step in to help the airlines. He said that's definitely happening. Obviously we haven't heard details about that yet. But I think that's very important in a time like this so I have faith that things will get back to normal. It's going to be tough for a little bit here though so. I'm not quite sure exactly what that looks like. I would say I would say hang tight for a little bit and see where things go over the next several weeks and how this how. This virus settles down. Hopefully with our Social distancing and things and then reevaluate from there. You know Right now I think is a good time for all of us to really re evaluate where we're at in life you know. Are we really working where we WANNA work? Are we doing the type of things we WANNA do? Are we spending as much time with our families as we want to have some time to think about the things over the next several weeks as things slow down and I would invite you guys to think about that you know maybe it goes the other direction and you think? Hey this is. This is a fight training thing or an aviation career thing that I really want to pursue neither putting that off and now it's time to go for that. I don't know if that's wise financially or whatever else it doesn't I don't know if it really matters but there's GonNa be a lot of changes that come from this that I think are long those sorts of lines people making different life choices so pretty interesting all right good question and thank you so this question. This came up recently else. Could be a little light harder for a couple more minutes teaching the impossible turn. I think it is. I think it is unreasonable. And dangerous to teach the impossible turn even the most experienced pilots. It really depends situationally on if you can do the impossible. Turn or not and so for those of you. That are a little bit in the dark on what the impossible turn is essentially. It's when you take off and you're in your initial climb. You're only several hundred feet from the runway. Let's say anywhere below a thousand feet and you have an engine failure. They've always said that that that. Turn back to the runway at that low altitude. Is the impossible turn. Because during that process you can get the airplane slow you can get into a stall and typically people get into a spin and end up crashing right there whereas as a blanket kind of community thing that we've done for so long and flight training and elsewhere is if you land straight ahead and you have control the airplane. You have a much better chance to survive. I think it's irresponsible the impossible. Turn unless you're in aerobatics pilot in a particular kind of airplane and you know exactly what you're doing otherwise what we're doing is we're we're teaching people that it is not an impossible turn and perhaps an improbable turn and I just want to err on the side of caution and say don't don't even go there It's interesting that this has a few parallels to what's currently going on the world but there's just no point to go there all right they're going to be plenty of people with less experience that have that one little thought and their mind. That can do this and so they're going to make that turn and they're going to die because they saw it on the Internet that it could possibly be

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