Polite Tipping is customary in the United States


Industraliazed tipping for service at restaurants and bars. Of course it's not really thing so traveling to the US where gratuities generally expected and dependent upon by workers. Well trying to work out how much to tip and went to tip can be confusing. It's a question and North American correspondent. James Glendale gets more than almost any other question. So he turned to one of the continent's leading etiquette experts for full and frank explanation. Sometimes it's whispered subtly sometimes it's asked in the middle of a restaurant but pretty much. Every OSCE traveler on the road in the United States. Wants one question answer and it has nothing to do with my day job. How much should you tip? You definitely want to be tipping. Fifteen or twenty percents lizzy post is from the Emily Post Institute an organization. That scene is an American authority on etiquette and how to generally be polite. Fifteen percent is is kind of where we say. The Standard is twenty percent of what we see most often. And I think that's purely because the math is easier and and people do feel good giving a little bit more the second question most ozzy travelers have is who to tip and the least list is fairly extensive after waiters taxi drivers hairdressers and bartenders. All expected tip as standard. We tend to see Bartenders being like one to two dollars per drink or fifteen to twenty percent of the tab things get a little more complicated. If you just getting something from a local cafe or takeaway you have no actual obligation to tip. It's seen as a courtesy to tip and the hotels are whole different ballgame. Where a bunch of people? We'll have their hands out the doorman who helped me with your bag. It's usually a dollar to four dollars per bag or a dollar to five dollars per back. a dollar to when the hail a cab for you You know throw an extra dollar to it's raining and they really were able to get you a dollar bills and I think so I mean yeah when you're looking at you know a couple of dollars for the cleaning person in your hotel room a couple of dollars for the doorman a couple of dollars when the taxi does start to add up and it's a good reason to carry small bills and cash. Americans will tell you that tipping is just all about showing gratitude and rewarding good service. But that's actually not entirely true depending on the state. You're in many of the work is you. Encounter like white is will only in. What's called a tipped? Minimum wage. Futile is an and then rely on tips to supplement the income and pay their bills because of that many Americans pretty deeply divided as to whether or not you should actually scale you tip up and down depending on the quality of the Service. I know this is a great question and I guarantee you. If you have a whole handful of Americans they look have different answers or they fall on one side or the other some people really do choose to vary their tips Based on his service and I personally like when I look at the difference between the two percentages. I'd just rather leave the twenty percent. Although it's not encouraged forgetting to tip if you are a foreign is often politely excused. It's arguably much better than leaving. A small tip like five percent which can be interpreted as a deliberate passive aggressive insult. We might even get quizzed on it so be wound. Yeah it's you well let me put it this way. If you choose to make it optional you will probably leave a lot of really upset people in your weight and I don't think that's generally what people WanNa do on their vacation. I think they wanNA feel good about participating in the place that they came to and this is just one of those one of those aspects of American life and that is perhaps the politest possible way of saying if you coming to the United States prepared to pay up. You don't really have a choice. North America correspondent. Who's not North American Australian? James Glen Day reporting

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