Biden Banks on Moderate Vote in South Carolina

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All eyes are on South Carolina ahead of next week's Democratic presidential primary there the first in the south former vice president. Joe Biden picked up a big endorsement today from representative James Clyburn. The top ranking black lawmaker in Congress. Do we know Joe. Most importantly Jew knows us but Biden could be facing an uphill battle in the state as he tries to court. Moderate voters joining me now from the campaign trail in Georgetown. South Carolina Is Wall Street Journal. Reporter. Ken Thomas Ken. How significant is representative? James Clyburn endorsement of Biden. Clyburn is probably the most influential Democrat in South Carolina. He's been in Congress since the early nineties and is the highest ranking black lawmaker in Congress right now and his words carry a lot of wheat. Were only a few days before the South Carolina primary and a little more than fifty percent of the electorate is black here in the state so getting that support from Clyburn has a big coup for Biden. He's been trying to win here and set the tone for Super Tuesday states coming up and as we head into South Carolina's primary. How is Biden? Faring well polls show Biden ahead here in South Carolina but it's a narrow lead. He's dominated the race throughout here in South Carolina but as he has struggled in Iowa and New Hampshire the polls gotten much tighter against Bernie Sanders. He's also dealing with Tom. Star who has spent more than twenty million dollars on advertising in South Carolina so he could also be a factor in so binding is really trying to use the state as a springboard for his campaign away to calm nervous. Democrats out there who have long thought that he could be the best matchup against president trump. Can you wrote about Biden's courting of centrist voters? What can you tell us about that? As compared to his Democratic rivals who's presenting the biggest challenge for him there so Biden is trying to consolidate the more moderate vote in the Democratic primaries. He's trying to make the case that Bernie Sanders would be to outside the mainstream if he turned into the nominee and that down ballot candidates running for office in the Senate and the House would struggle as a result if if Bernie Sanders was at the top of the ticket. The trouble for Biden. Though is that it's a very crowded lane. You have Buddha. Judge who is a has had success in in Iowa and New Hampshire so far you have amy Klobuchar who is run a pretty strong campaign and other candidates as well or just trying to fill that lane right now in so biden is running the risk of Having a a splintered vote among moderates and that would allow Sanders to pick up a lot of delegates by the basis of support from Liberals Biden was asked during last night's debate if he would drop out of the race if he failed to win South Carolina and his answer was that he will win South Carolina Ken. What if he doesn't? How important is it for Biden to win the state if he wants to continue in this race his candidacy really does hinge on winning South Carolina? It probably is not a fatal blow for him if he were to come in second place but this is all about momentum in the ability to keep improving as as the calendar goes along and the the the risk for Biden if he does not win in South Carolina is that he won't have much ability to to win votes in these Super Tuesday contests. That are coming. Up On march third. Just a few days after the South Carolina. Primary wraps up. He's hoping to use a win. In South Carolina to connect with African Americans who who make up a large portion of the electorate in number of Super Tuesday states including places like Georgia Alabama Tennessee and in other states around the country.

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