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Hey we'll come back to another episode of this week and photo of your host. Frederik van Johnson. Today on the show. I have a friend of Mine Mr Craig Strong. He's been on the show before. And if you do remember his past appearances on twit you'll know that he is the chief creative officer and a CO founder of a company called. Lynn's baby they make some some pretty cool light bending tools the latest of which is the Omni series of products. So we're GONNA talk about those today and before we do Craig. We sort of give us the Reader's Digest version of Lens. Baby you've been on before so most people know all about Lindh's baby but for the folks that may not what is Lindsay Baby. Good to be back Frederick. Thanks for having me here. Let's see so lens. Baby makes creative affects camera accessories now but previous to that it was just lenses and So but everything we do helps you find your creative voice and does so in a way that his little little different than a traditional lens manufacturer accessory manufacturer. So you guys. You guys are creating You know that's obviously Lind's baby but you do some different things and one of the things we talked about. I think in the first interview with you was the U. combating sort of the idea that these types of accessories lenses can't be used for professional level worker repeatable level war. Where can you talk to that a little bit for? We dive into the Omni. Well when when I started Lens Baby I was a professional photographer and I I had come through newspapers to start shooting commercial and weddings and whatnot. And so I I kind of had a small view of what Lens Baby could be in terms of what I was using it for. I was using it for detail photos at weddings shooting in moments. That were happening. When when I'd gotten all the safe images that I that I wanted to get That that the clients expected but what happened was once we introduced the Lens Baby. It started being used for really serious. Work photo journalism. Which I I wouldn't have thought But it's really been our customers and the photographers out there. That have have gotten the lens baby products in their hands and on their cameras that have really defined what can be done and it's pretty limitless and and it's Kinda blown me away 'cause like I said I had a pretty small perspective of you know this is. This is something that Would would be done for fun. Would be done to to reignite your creative juices and both those things are true but then it's also used to create unique imagery for your clients and which client isn't. GonNa Choose the TAGA FOR THAT. Gives them the most creative work? That's GONNA stand out pretty much most of them so any of them that. I want to work for it's cool. It's cool all right. We'll get so let. Let's switch gears and talk about this new thing. So thank you for sending these over so I can get a look at these that I've got to well made with feels like felt and Velcro in in hand stitched with leather on them. Sort of things in my hands. I'll tell us about this product in the inception of the product. So the Omni. What is it so the Omni filter is a product that that I've got one right here that allows me to Put various things in front of the Lens and currently. We've got This right here is the what do we call it the Rainbow Film? And that's going to give you some streaky rainbow things going on you can see that reflections combined with The Transmitted Rainbow that you see from up above All sorts of stuff going on so This is this is one. That's great on phones and whatnot. But you know these little tiny lenses like I've got my laptop They'll tend to show the edges and whatnot so That would be a different product in a different time but right. Now we've got it for interchangeable lens cameras anything with with filter threads on it So yeah it's the the ring right here screws onto the front of your your Lens. We've got a fifty eight millimeter and that has accessory on sorry step up rings For our step yeah step up rings for fifty five fifty two and forty nine that come along with it and then we have a larger one. You can see here on my eighty five that This this is a seventy seven and it has a step down ring to eighty two and Step up rings from Seventy to sixty seven and sixty two so yeah so we got everything covered. Basically you know but the idea here is that you can. You can position the things that you're shooting through. We've got a triangle prism here on a handle. You can position it wherever you want and leave it there with both hands. Free to shoot While you're taking your pictures and not have to hold it in place in the exact same spot where you want it for every image which isn't very practical and can you. Can you talk a little bit about the design? Because when I when I picked it up the photos on the website do it do it a fair amount of justice but actually holding those those little. What do you? What do we call them? What's the word for those those little Caesar Affect ones and they're making net in the arm is like a ball and socket magnetic? That's attached? Can you go through the the inception of analysts? So let's let's get down to its basics here we've got The ring which comes with a step up bring so it'll go on any of your Any of your lenses most interchangeable Lens Lenses that? Are you know not one hundred twelve millimeter diameter which were working on as well We'll work with it and then we've got These magnets here which you can just put your affect one's directly on Or You you can put an extension arm which allows you to articulate that and have a little more three-dimensional control so you can put it. The the magnets will be off to the side. And you can put that down at the bottom. Without having to slide anything. Around although these magnets slide slide around and give you lots of freedom so we got a long arm and a short arm so You can get up to four accessories on at once the way it's equipped so you can put one down straight on the magnet on the ring and then Two Arms. You're you're set to go. That is cool school. So then what what? Part of that is magnetic is the ball. That's magnetic or the the socket so it's the socket that's magnetic so we've got these Hollow counter sunk magnets and at the bottom of those magnets We've we have Attention which allows you to get nice solid tension so it's not going to move around accidentally And then the same is true out at the end. Where you've got magnets out at the end of the arm and Yeah it's it's a nice kit at the The idea came from From a lot of our customers using the prisons and holding things Plastic bags whatever in front of their in front of their lenses. It's been out for you know it's probably since the beginning of time looking through something to create more interest But then to to look through something that is is specifically designed and tailored to do to create Lots of different effects. In fact what we've got right here is a prism. Prism gives you three different ways to as you rotate it gives you different perspectives Because it's three different angles that were working with Looks like we've got a ninety degree thirty degree and a sixty degree and that might not be true because I'm not. I just play an engineer on TV. And but as you turn it you get what what you would normally get. With a triangle. Prison would be three sixty degree angles that that would give you your effect and as you turn it you get the same effect at each at each spot with this when you get a different effect and you know we so we're coming into it. Purposefully like we do with our Lens Design and saying okay. How can we make this as versatile as possible?

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