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Starting a BJJ Revolution with Andrew Smith

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Andrew. Thank you again for joining us on the show and sharing your story and you know some processes particularly Brazilian Jujitsu another stuff. We'll get into and just help another folks with your perspective to kind of make that progress of thank you. Thank you Kevin. I'm excited to be. I think that what you've done so far has been a really good and I think it's important to break down Particularly the process aspects. You don't really hear very much about that when you're listening to a podcast or learning about Things though the process part in particular is something. That really appeals to me especially as every business been involved with as grown over the years. Yet I for the impetus for this which is really I rebranded. I had another pockets called between the slides and then honestly the more folks. I talked to. What so if you're like when you have to explain it a lot you're let me make it more obvious. But it was largely focused on that for the world that I came from a public safety and incident management special events and then project management. It's super process heavy Sometimes too much sometimes informal and everything in between and in particular as you mentioned eighteen months in was still very new but totally getting into more of the the understanding of how incremental of process that is of like every little roll little thing. Little tweak little move and it's kind of mind blowing even from being so new of how much depth their is. They're part of an episode. Let me do kind of like a book. Report podcast version of of one variation and You know from grappling to the modern Brazilian Jujitsu and the seventy different variations. So I was very interested to see all those different flavors of history and people and you know cross discussions and things and So for you and I and I've looked up some your background and and heard some of this from when I listen to you on on dirty web. What radio which was cool so folks if you haven't listened to that check that out as well But your process in about you. Are you from the rich Mary? I know you've been there forbidden went to vcu. Are you originally from Richmond? Virginia No actually grew up in Columbia South Carolina so about Twenty five years ago. I just wanted sort of a change in a ended up in the Richmond area. Then it's funny I've been enrichment for A little over twenty five years now on. It's still doesn't really feel like I'm from here. You know there's no other place that has ever traveled to where I think it's quite So so Front and center. When you're if you didn't grow up in Richmond. You're not really from here. You know and it feels that way to me still like imposter syndrome or something. It even in the area. It's it's still it's shifted now. I grew up in Chesterfield South side. Now it's kind of the old old area and I remember just a richmond thing of someone at intern. I think I had when I worked for the state And she grew up in Henrico. Which is the place to be so to speak of and and just talking about. Oh you grew up in south side like it was such an old place and it was so different but the economy and the change and everything of all the different areas around Richmond Annex. Pretty NEAT but but yeah it's There's definitely a very kind of Richmond. If you're from there you're kind of all in as well One thing we do share Richmond wise as we both went to vcu I'm a back to school. Use My job building stuff and went to an for you starting That's where you got into judo first-rate. That's right yeah. I wrestled in high school I wasn't amazing but I got a lot better my senior year. I was actually starting to get pretty good but then I graduated high school in there. Just wasn't there wasn't wrestling at the college. I went to which was university South Carolina. Okay you believe it or not. There wasn't a wrestling team there at least in the nineteen nineties and I was really bummed because I sort of fall in love with grappling Wrestling you know Dan so I mean. I wrestled a little bit with the high school kids. After the season you know went to a few freestyle wrestling tournaments but I just wanted more wanted to keep going and there wasn't anything there and I think ironically there was a judo club. But I didn't think much about judo back then When I was in South Carolina and then I moved up to Richmond and in nineteen ninety seven. I started training judo at the judo club and at vcu and it was just. I was hooked right away. It was a special time for for martial arts special time for judo. Insofar as there was a lot of sort things that were coming together at the right place at the right time we know the UFC. We have to go back in time. You have been on on the air since nineteen ninety-three but nobody had seen it like literally. Probably fifty thousand people saw the I see in the There was another one eight months later or something and that's the sort of the way it was so is this sort of a niche underground to a degree but people that were involved with judo They knew about the UFC. They knew about Grappling they were reading. You know Martial arts magazines and stuff like that like black doll magazine was sort of the the leader back then if you were interested in even grappling. Because there wasn't there weren't industry specific magazines out there so I think that communities were a lot more interconnected. You had a lot more sort of a Geek condo type people involved with grappling people. You know judo injury. Jitsu were much more closely related than they sort of art today Which I mean as far as martial arts go. They're very very similar as far as like the way. The Arts are practiced in the culture. It's it's pretty different. Judo is a lot more formal. You just is very very laid back. You know tends to get rid of a lot of aspects of the tradition and so Maybe it's perceived as incompatible to a lot of a lot of people but I was really lucky at vcu It wasn't really like that. There were people coming over from you just schools throughout town and When I started competing in in Jujitsu Before actually started formally training in it. I'd had experience at the Judo Club. Traveling around Training going to seminars stuff like that. But no consistent regular training in. That was possible back then. It was possible because of the particular circumstances that I had to actually do pretty well when I competed in some of those arenas because I had you know. Of course judo Experience Judo Club but also good grappling especially for the time we had people. He wrestled before but also people that were actively training in Brazilian Jujitsu. And I think that was uncommon back. Then so it's sorta how things got started for me. When I moved to the Richmond area was really really lucky. Fell into the right