Trump says Roger Stone has 'very good chance of exoneration' hours after sentencing


Get some more and larger stones set and see our senior justice. Evan Perez is here our crime and justice. Chiba Polka. Pez is also working the story for Evan. You're inside the courtroom when you heard Judge Amy. Berman Jackson read out her decision. It was a dramatic moment. It was it was over an hour where she was essentially going through methodically. The aspects of this case including some of the arguments made by Roger Stone by the president and some of his allies that Roger Stone was being targeted for some For for his First Amendment right to stand up for president trump that he was essentially being targeted for being a political trickster. She says none of those things are true. I'll read you just a part of her remarks during the sentencing. Today she says quote stone wasn't obstructing not some secret anti-trump Cabal but he lied to Congress. You'll remember that. He was convicted of lying to Congress during testimony to the House. A House of Representatives as well as witness tampering threatening one of the witnesses in this in this case and so she took all of this on. She talked a little bit about some of his Some of his emails some of the threats that he made to Randy critical one of his associates And during that time well if we were all watching Roger Stone and he and he behaved himself mostly in court but during that time as she read some of his obscene emails. You can see him turnaround smirk and look at their two rows of his followers inside the courtroom today She also took to con the issue of of the politics. That are play in this case. she says quote he was Roger. Stone says he was not prosecuted as some have claimed for standing up for the president he was prosecuted for covering up for the president. One of the things we were watching today to wolf was the prosecution. John Crabs stood up today and essentially walked back to the original sentencing memo the recommendation that was made for seventy two seven seven to nine years From the prosecution team which resigned which quit the case in the middle of controversy over over President Trump's interference in his and the prosecutors the prosecutors stood up and he said he apologized for all the drama that happened in the past week wolf and he said that the original sentencing memo was essentially submitted. In good faith it was exactly according to Justice Department policy and it was within the guidelines that are established is interesting because we know the president. He clearly tried to influence the outcome of this trial from the very beginning. And the judge Amy Berman Jackson. She addressed that specifically. She did and it's not just the outcome of this trial. Let's the entire the entire Muller investigation where you see. The president has has inserted himself tweeting. It's talking about it at campaign rallies publicly talking about and the judge really today. That's what some of this was about. She wanted to address some of the influence and also the attempted influence and also the prosecutors who now have taken over this case day to said that the Department of Justice is. There's no political interference you know we're here to be fair and the judges continued. I mean we saw her going. After Roger Stone we saw her in some ways going after the president and then taking on the whole the political drama surrounding this case and what she said and this judge docs and she said the dismay and disgust at any attempt to interfere with the efforts of prosecutors and members of the JUDICIARY TO FULFIL. Their duty should transcend. Party this is a big moment in the sentencing. This was the overall I should say theme. I felt throughout her sensing proceeding was a larger message. Here because judiciary is under attack and this was a moment in time for the judge to defend the judiciary defend other judges and defend the system. Which is really under attack right continues to be under attack by the president. Today he railed against what's going on in the problem. Pardon you certainly. Did our guys stick around Evan and Shimon reporting for now. Let's go to the White House. Our chief White House correspondent Jim. Acosta is also working the story for a strip. The president was quick to speak out about Roger Stone's sentencing. That's right well. The president responded to speculation that he is about to pardon Roger Stone. The president suggested he will wait and see how the appeals process plays out for his former advisor saying he hopes stone is exonerated and while the president didn't offer stone at immediate. Pardon he didn't exactly close the door on that possibility either. President trump threw his support behind his convicted former adviser. Roger Stone but stopped short of offering a pardon to the dirty trickster just hours after he was sentenced in federal court. I'm not GONNA do anything. In terms of the great powers bestowed upon a president of the United States. I want the process to play out. I think that's the best thing to do. Because I'd love to see Roger Exonerated and I'd love to see it happen because I personally think. He was treated very unfairly and an event honoring rehabilitated prisoners. In Las Vegas. The president ripped into the jury forewoman at the stone trial accusing her of being an anti-trump activist that was in response to her facebook. Post defending the prosecutors in the stone case so if this woman was tainted I hope the judge will find that you was tainted. And if she isn't tainted that will be fine to now. You would know about a bad jury. Anybody here know about that now. The president question. How could be sentenced to forty months in prison in part for lying to Congress but MR trump unleashed a flat out falsehood of his own when he said stone was not involved with this campaign in Twenty fifteen? The trump campaign said it fired stone. Roger was never involved in the trump campaign for president. He wasn't involved early on long before he announced he may have done a little consulting work or something but he was not involved when I ran for president. And he's a person who again he knows. A lot of people having to do with politics. Stone is now part of a growing group of trump associates sentenced or awaiting prison sentences. Democrats worried the president is floating the idea of parts to try to keep those associates quiet while I think that he's dangled the pardon Often with Mrs with regard to Mr Stone and Mr Flynn in part to In my opinion to signal to them that if they stay on the team that they don't reveal further information that they might possess about the president that they'll be taken care of the judge overseeing stones trial took a jab at Mr Trump at one point sang at the former trump campaign adviser sentencing that he was prosecuted for covering up for the president. Mr Trump had been teasing the possibility of a stone. Pardon tweeting video of Fox host calling for leniency. The whole thing is enough to shake your faith in our justice system. Unfortunately president trump could end this tragedy travesty in an instant with pardon and there are indications tonight that he will do that. Trump allies are also reminding the president he has the power to pardon stone with GOP. Senator Lindsey Graham tweeting under our system of justice. President trump has all the legal authority in the world to review this case and terms of commuting the sentence or partying Mr Stone for the underlying offense as the attacks on the four women in the stone. Trial a fellow juror. In the case said the president and the Attorney General are doing damage to the Justice System. Big Cast doubt on the the bedrock of the equal administration of Justice. That is just so so important to our country I think he damages our democracy by attacking this way and I wish he would stop now as for a pardon for Roger. Stone trump

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