With Huge New Investment, Headspace Sets Sights on Meditation Domination

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Two thousand seventeen late nights. Jimmy Fallon asked Andy putty comb the CEO of mindfulness APP. Company head space to lead a meditation on live TV. I wanted to try something tonight. I don't think it's ever been done on late night. Television definitely not before but I wanNA see if you can guide our audience and the roots in town for two minute meditation. She good I mean around the world. Everyone there's GonNa be people in bars right now. That's happening next year. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Awesome all watching in a Bollywood recommending. Panic loss down. Yes of course. Yeah at the end of that meditation. Jimmy Fallon opened his eyes granted. Angelic grant and the audience burst into wild applause. It was a moment for comb and his investors to celebrate the mainstreaming of mindfulness. Well now he's reached another milestone last week. His company announced that it has raised another ninety. Three million dollars from investors bullish on our collective desires to breathe are stress away. Or maybe. They're certain that there's just going to be more and more stress to deal with whatever. The reason meditation APPs are perceived safe nonprescription and relatively affordable ways to subdue the anxiety that ails us with that money had spaces raced ahead of its arch-rival calm. The race has been neck and neck or should we say head to head for the last few years we last reported on this fight in the fall at the time the two apps together had more than one hundred million users com had raised a total of one hundred forty million dollars and had become a unicorn that is investors valued at more than a billion dollars. It was starting to look like Goliath to head spaces. David no longer with head spaces latest round of funding. It surpassed com todate heads basis raised. Almost one hundred seventy million dollars. According to crunch pace with that cash the company wants to prove. Mindfulness is clinical effectiveness through scientific studies. Despite its popularity meditation still suffers from a lack of hard clinical proof of effectiveness. That's a problem head. Space has been trying to solve so far participated in about seventy different studies with research institutions like Carnegie Mellon and Stanford University head. Space will use some of that new money to engage in more clinical trials. Also it's still quietly pursuing. Fda approval about eighteen months ago. The company announced that it wanted agency approval in order to become the world's first prescription meditation APP then. The Wall Street Journal reported that the company planned to seek FDA approval sometime this year archrivals common head space may be after the same result. Meditation domination on a global scale but they're pursuing different strategies head space

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