Nobody Belongs at Rikers... Not Even Harvey Weinstein


I loathe Harvey Weinstein. Not just in some generic way. The man was violent and abusive to people that have come to know over these past few years. He Literally Encouraged Hillary Clinton's twenty sixteen presidential campaign to target and harass my dear friend the late Eric Garner as she became an effective campaigner for Bernie. I saw the emails to the campaign and I talk with Erica about that in it terrified her to see this man a man in power. She was struggling at that point in her life. Just an everyday person fighting for justice for a father into see that Harvey Weinstein knew her. It was throwing her under the bus in emails to the campaign concerned. Her as of yesterday Harvey Weinstein is now a convicted sex offender now. I am nothing but glad that he's being held accountable for his abuses period. End OF STORY DOT COM. No IFS ands or buts soon. After the world realized that he was being sent to rikers. Which is the primary jail for all of New York City? As soon as people learned he was being sent there just as all convicted men in New York City are the conversation went somewhere that I just can't support and I understand it so let me just say that up front. I understand the conversation and I understand that revenge. In some ways is primal and Harvey. Weinstein has used his white privilege his wealth. His power is used those things to assault women into ruin people's lives and careers for decades and man was able to do it over and over and over again because powerful people had no intention of ever holding him accountable and so when the news got out that Harvey Weinstein was on his way to rikers. I saw people saying all over social media things that I simply refuse to say. I'll explain why in a second but people began saying they hoped Harvey Weinstein would be put in solitary confinement. They hoped he'd be beat down. They hope the guards would turn the other way. I saw people say they hope Harvey Weinstein would be raped. Get a taste of his own medicine. In four moment as the online mob against him grew the word. Rikers was literally the top trending topic in the world and it was mainly just because people are celebrating that somebody like Harvey Weinstein was finally going to experience the hell that black and Brown New Yorkers have experienced since long before I was born in again. Let me say I get the anger. The man did horrible criminal things. But let me explain why I can't join in on some of the remarks that people are saying last year after generations of just chewing people up and spitting them out. The city of New York finally voted to officially closed down rikers island correctional facility. Now it's GonNa take years for it to fully shutdown but the place is a hell hole year in and year out. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers primarily black and Brown New Yorkers primarily poor New Yorkers. They are taken there. But nobody who emerges from rikers is ever the same in. It's literally a one in a million chance that somebody like Harvey Weinstein ever has to suffer there because the people that get beaten and battered in raped and stabbed and slashed their at rikers. They're not rich white executives. In fact before Harvey Weinstein could even get to rikers before they ever took him there. They actually diverted the car and took him to a hospital instead. And so as I record this at this moment at least he's not even actually at rikers but I can tell you who is thousands of poor black and Brown. Young people people suffering through mental illness and drug addiction. But I getting the most brutal form of incarceration instead of any type of treatment. So I can't cheer Harvey going to rikers because I know it's almost never him or men like him in the systems and structures that people want to chew Harvey Weinstein up those systems and structures. They rarely chew men like that up. They'll rarely do that instead. It's going to be happening to the most marginalized men among us. Let me close with this thought. We have a great new ad from one of our sponsors that I can't wait to share with you. The same reason that I can't cheer on Harvey Weinstein going to rikers. Listen again. I'm glad that he was convicted. But I can't cheer anything about rikers in the same reason exists for why I don't cheer when White Supremacists get the death penalty. Listen in full transparency. Something awful in me. Sometimes once those men to die. I'm not. I'm not proud of it but I admit it. I don't like feeling that way but I don't have a soft spot in my heart for Dylann roof but again here's what I know it's that it's not normally white supremacists that are being executed in this country. That's bad who's going to the electric chamber. That's not who's going to the electric chair rather or the gas chamber instead it's black men. It's poor black men to be more specific. They are the single most likely group of Americans to be executed so when I cheer on the execution for Man. That's really the exception to the rule and not the rule. I'm basically cheering it on for everybody else as well. I can't cheer rikers. I can't share the death penalty and part of being a modern day. Abolitionist is having actual principles that are centered on the fact that the whole damn system of mass incarceration needs to be torn down. It does that doesn't mean there's not a way for Harvey Weinstein to get justice. But you won't hear me cheering on rikers. Never that

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