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So that's another good indicator for a president trump is that people are actually watching fox news in in record numbers at this point so if you know when you have you even though Shepard Smith left we thought that was gonna be the end of August you have yeah right separates me am I by the way the it's the prime time that's carrying it it's all the pro trump up programs not not Dana Perino not kabuto and those people it's sort of a compliment McCallum it took took a call soon to she wanted to work yes yes it does said and so when you hear all this nonsense on these people about first of all two weeks ago was actually was last week the all the the trump Russia they use that again let Bloomberg use that again last night yeah I do once trump yeah he did he actually split repeating the fake news talking points unbelievable it's outrageous so if the people are tired of it Anna I'm glad to hear people waking up they're getting a little smarter at this point perhaps in the same