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Tested positive for the corona


Activity out there not just talking about rain showers but snow showers in our local mountains too so that main front with a moderate to heavy rain that Mr yesterday afternoon and evening but we're gonna have some on and off showers with us throughout the day today also periods of dry weather and clear skies even some sunshine so little bit of everything today but don't put those umbrellas away in just quite yet snow showers in our mountains from right what into big there right now take a wider look at your rate are down into the base in Orange County Inland Empire riverside county some on and off showers the west side seems a more moderate rain right now that is we have to Ventura county and Santa Barbara county LC somewhere that shower activity detail so taking a look at your satellite and radar tracker lunchtime today still some on an off light showers and so on and off like snow showers for the mountains throughout the day and into this evening drying out as we head into the overnight hours and into tomorrow and as you can see those clouds going to clear out of here too if you're heading out the door this morning we have some really chilly temperatures lots of thirties and forties funds a lot thirty six in Santa Clarita at forty seven degrees downtown right now forty four in riverside twenty seven up in Big Bear thirty nine and Victorville we've seen some areas of low cloud cover and fog throughout the morning especially through the San Fernando Valley right now things do look to be improving and ask that shower activity winds down we will see as I mentioned even periods of clear skies into Tuesday so wins much calmer than they were still really breezy out toward palm springs and into riverside county they're taking a look at your precipitation chances the next couple of days on and off showers today and then tomorrow we're actually gonna be mostly dry a slight chance to see some more passing showers as we head into Thursday not expecting I'm anything heavy in nature for Thursday and then once again drier conditions for Friday Saturday I had another storm system and that's going to move in Sunday and Monday of next week so watching a very active weather pattern

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Tested positive for the corona

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