Bills to land WR Diggs in trade with Vikings


The bills first I see first reported I think from Jay Glazer from NFL I'd fax the bills the Buffalo Bills required wide receiver Stefon Diggs in a trade with the Vikings and you said Adam Schefter has more information as a shifter put out what the other parts the deal A. R. the bills are sending a first round pick a fifth round pick a sixth round pick and twenty twenty one fourth round pick for digs and a twenty twenty seventh round pick she thinks the Texans feel right now yeah that's a ton that's W. said I mean that's the whole that's the whole you're given up for de Andre Hopkins or at least what should have been writing up for de Andre Hopkins yeah he is no where Stefon Diggs being is nowhere near the caliber of receiver that the Andre Hopkins is now no he's not and that's amazing what a great move for the bills huh great move for the bills the Vikings get more and so so now the Vikings become well you you would think better he didn't want to play for the river last year with the injuries they had a tight end out wide receiver that also him not getting the ball and prodding and being upset that he didn't get the ball and now do you see the contract getting paid to Kirk cousins it

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