Morey J. Kolber PT PhD CSCS- Covid-19 as a Physical Therapist



So maury. I know that you've had a big change in your main job right now. Which is teaching physical therapy students at Nova southeastern and I'm curious before all this came down. How much teaching of physical therapy students Nova southeastern was done in the online environment versus what we think of as the typical face to face environment of education all our program at Nova Southeastern University in Fort. Lauderdale campus is traditional teaching. So it is a face to face program. An each faculty sort of had a different way of approaching their courses. Some faculty had a mix of online prerecorded lectures in class laboratory. Others were one hundred percent in class. I I think it was somewhat variable but prior to all of this era traditional program. We have lecture class as we have lab classes. We have testing so the landscape of what we do. Moving forward is already changed. And it's GonNa continue to change and I know we were talking a little bit before I started recording. And you said that you had some impetus essentially a month ago that there may be some changes or to be prepared for some changes. And what was your initial thoughts when you heard that? Potentially you might be teaching courses in physical therapy program entirely online. I mean my initial reaction was panic because everything I do everything I've had setup is face to face that's the part of my job that I enjoy the most I think for some people. They probably saw a great thing for me. It certainly wasn't but there were some initial panic. Probably the first thing I did is stopped. All clinical visits adapt might have for various reasons one being the the threat obviously of Kobe. But the other was knowing that I needed to begin dedicating some hard time into creating modules and a change in my course which is currently ongoing. And I know you've been teaching for a number of years although courses changes knowledge changes and you try new things. How much of an increase in workload did you see or how difficult was to take some of these classes that until a month ago you were seeing students two or three times a week and now suddenly you're like okay? This all has to be delivered online in a synchronous or a synchronous manner right. It seems that something that would take five minutes in the classroom setting. We'll take fifteen minutes on his accession. Astrom said I'm sorry and I'm curious with the students that you've communicated with so far health familiar with most Zoom in online education versus panicked similar. To what you had a couple of weeks ago I mean fortunately for us in what it seems. Our students are probably a little bit more savvy than than some of us in terms of online learning. When I went to Undergrad we didn't have online learning. I imagine most of them did to some degree. Fortunately for us our program director had began pushing us into into exam. Soft which is a means of testing getting rid of paper and it wasn't because of this. This was last semester. So fortunately we transitioned into that software program to deliver our tests so we ready to go with that. Had We had to learn that at the same time it would have been a challenge in with that and the switch to online education with the students. What is the reaction of the students that you've talked with been so far? They've been excited about it. Just happy that they continue it or kind of a little bit of panic. Because it's something new. I think there's a little bit of panic with regard to testing because now they're they're being tested in an environment that they have to create that his private secure. There's a camera watching them. So that's changed. The ability to review exams is obviously changed due to security. You don't want exposure questions whereas when you have a setting where student comes your office you hand them a written exam they take a look at it. There's no exposure of that exam so now there's different considerations that didn't exist before you know. I'm always reluctant to to approach students. Say Hey how did you like the lecture? I just did on zoom because I think when you do that you know your you know your responses are going to say why I really liked it. I don't know that it's appropriate. I'm not big on just walking up approaching the students say hey. How did you like what I just did? Because students are generally kind been. We'll we'll say they liked it but that doesn't necessarily mean they did. I feel like our students have an expectation to in classroom teaching and laboratory sessions Expectations GonNA possibly need to change. Perhaps through the whole summer and I know I've been teaching for a number years at California University of Pennsylvania. Not In a physical therapy program but in exercise science program in our classes are a synchronous in other words we do narrated lectures and things like that where the students have a time period where they have to complete it with Sudan. Switch that you've had with your teaching. Are you doing this in a synchronous manner or their specific classroom times where students that you saw month ago in the classroom you our meeting with them on Zoom? So plan is moving forward to have both a synchronous synchronous so the plan will be for the summer. We were just wrapping up our semester. So there wasn't a lot of content but it was mix tasing fairness and synchronous moving forward into the summer. The students will be given a certain amount of time to do a review of a lecture. That's a synchronous. And then when they complete that then there will be a zoom session. Which will be synchronous where it'll be more focusing on cases questions and reviewing the content that they did earlier we have a media platform called counter. And that's what we use for our courses to prerecord certain lectures and I think from an efficiency perspective for them and us that's going to be strategy provide these cal- Torah lectures for the heart lecturing. Because if you think about it these students are going to be sitting in a zoom session. Three hours in the morning three hours at the end of the day it is going to wear on providing a synchronous cultural lecture. That's prerecorded and following up with a review. Overview zoom is going to be the way to go and I'm also interested in learning As physical therapy program. I know the American Physical Therapy Association has certain requirements. That students must meet. How communicated have been with you and with your program as far as recognizing that okay. This is something that really hasn't been done before we haven't had a pandemic and almost one hundred years so this is a significant change. What is their communication been with? You will our director and share. Have sort of been on the front line in terms of communicating with captain which is our accreditation body and at first there was this fear in debt. Changing our curriculum is a substantial change. It's GONNA require an application forms paperwork but Kathy did come down with some some documents stating that. There would be some flexibility based on this situation and with both changing models of classroom teaching as well as clinical hours and I suspect the most important thing about that is that when students finish their work at Nova southeastern. They'll have the ability to sit for the certification

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