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Wait, People Pay for Tinder?


Going on in your week? Like did that really fun thing where I talked to a single straight male recently. Oh I know I love to get their perspective He's on tinder and I was. I was like what was it like what you do in how you're swiping. What are you doing? This is also a CO worker. And I had to be like. I'm sorry. I'm very forward with these things. I have a podcast. Of course. He's like Oh okay so I found out. According to him. At least all men are paying for tinder now like they're doing the paid option so this is a very small study this study one. He's him and all his friends. Okay all right. I'll take him at his word. One male dude you this one straight male dude. You talked to at work. His Group of friends pay for tender and according to him everyone. Everyone's doing it and I wonder if that's true so obviously there's still like the free option but he says that as I like you pay and then you don't have to keep swiping you. Just get every girl that has rights wiped you sent to you automatically and you don't have to go through the the work of matching you can just pick from the girls that like you. Oh I would love that. I guess where it's an option work on the women women's side though. If two people are paying for that option then you get what I'm saying like it doesn't work. Basically one person has to not pay to see the person I well I in the other person has to pay to only get people have swiped on him but that would mean he's only getting women that have not paid for this option. Do you see what I'm saying? Yes but I think based on my study of one that that it's mostly men that do the paid option because for women They don't really need to like men. Get kind of like less options. Like a woman like you're always gonNA have matches coming in. Then he never is going to be because women are more selective yes yes. I've heard that women are more selective and I believe that's true but how does that work that means he doesn't get any of the women that are paying for this option and as a woman. I don't know I am very very you know what though I do think that he? He said that he does swipe occasionally because he also pays to make sure that he is showing up more women's rotations because he according to this guy he said that. If you don't pay to get that little bump you'll like never show up for a lot of girls okay. Let me. I'm going to read you. I just went on tenders website. This is tinder plus tinder gold. If you upgrade to tender plus for premium features you get unlimited. Likes rewind your last swipe so if you like accidentally left swipe but you meant swipe you get five. Super Lakes a day now. What is the Super Super Lake is when you're looking at someone's profile? Swipe up tap the Blue Star icon to let you let them know that they stand out from everyone else. The person you super like we'll take notice when you're profile appears and they're deciding whether to swipe will show up with a bright blue border and a star. Okay you get one boost a month. What's boost a boost? Allows you to be one of the top profiles in your area for thirty minutes right. That's what he was talking about. The boost is like making sure that everyone can see you. Okay and then you get a passport to swipe around the World No ads tender gold. See Okay this is what he has see. Who Likes you before you? Swipe sue save time in aimless swiping with our likes you feature which lets you see who likes you. Only gold can access the likes you feature to subscribe open to okay Blah Blah Blah Yeah I just wonder how that works if there's two people that have this and it doesn't explain it on the tender website so I'm suspicious. I would guess that not a ton of people in like I. I don't think a lot of women are paying for the service like I don't think you have to. Yeah as a woman. Maybe I'm wrong but It doesn't worry me thought of women doing all the work like sitting there and swiping and carefully editing. They're curing their likes and men are just like I'll take whatever comes through. Yeah I know but yeah thanks for doing some ground research. Yes you're welcome. I will monitor the situation closely and report back.

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