‘This Is Not Boston Marathon Day’: Runners Reminded To Stay Away From Course


Well today we would have been the one hundred twenty fourth running of the Boston Marathon but it's a virus had other plans the coronavirus has postponed the marathon but some runners are defying advisories against running the route WBZ's James Ross joins us live now from Boylston street with more good morning James good morning Jeff now several people were seen at leaving Hopkinton early this morning taking pictures and hugging family members before beginning to run the twenty six point two mile course that's exactly what town and city officials are discouraging people from doing saying it puts first responders and others at risk this is Boston mayor Marty Walsh's message to those ignoring state home advisories it's not a great accomplishment you're not gonna be celebrated for it no one's gonna be clapping for you and I would ask you not to do it there's no need to do it yeah this is the first spring in a hundred and twenty four years there will be no Boston Marathon it's been postponed until September here at the finish line at the moment it's quiet and empty and that's so officials want to

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