The Last Dance Premiere Reactions: The Michael Jordan Project


Jordan docu series the last dance premiered on ESPN last night K. Y. W. debut ram joining us live with reaction to those first two episodes good morning Dave good morning Carol because the pandemic shut down sporting events the premiere date of this Jordan documentary was moved up from June it gives fans something to do as they wait for games to come back based on the tweets have been reading people love the premier seventy Sixers for Tobias Harris tweeted best two hours of the quarantine eagles legend Brian Dawkins tweeted it brought back so many memories the documentaries about the nineteen ninety seven ninety eight Chicago Bulls and all the backstory surrounding that season which was Michael Jordan's last with the bulls their final title of that dynasty Philadelphia native Mike told is the executive producer and he told W. I. P. last week a guy who just cares deeply is intense is emotional and he's and he was really honest with us I think you see a candor Michael Jordan that you've never seen Carol told also said that Jordan showed interest in doing this documentary with Toland after noticing that one of his past projects was a feature on Allen

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