Seattle - Washington receives new coronavirus testing devices that yield results in minutes


Are are sticklers sticklers a a new new milestone milestone with with over over eleven eleven thousand people contracting the corona virus a local projection now suggests some positive news and we get that from Kamel's Brian Calvert Dr Chris Murray's model at the university of Washington has been providing a fairly accurate look at the future of cope with nineteen around the country looks like a number of states in the south for example will have smaller academics and we were expecting he is expected to release more positive prognostications later on today and while we're focused on positive news there's also that special delivery in Tacoma where they received two of the devices called ID now the instrument is made by Abbott and is the size of a toaster according to the manufacturer covert nineteen test swabs are inserted into the device with results coming in five minutes for positive readings it takes thirteen minutes to confirm a negative result Stephanie dunkle of the Tacoma Pierce county health department told her board it was like Christmas opening the box

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