Britney Spears dances to ex Justin Timberlake's 'Filthy,' calls breakup 'one of the world's biggest'

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Winner of the Britney and Justin reunion I talked about it last hours and we will have an update on this so Britney spears on her Instagram if you ever follow interest she does a lot of dance routines sometimes fitness sometimes work out sometimes it's just she wants to dance she danced to Justin Timberlake song filthy which a lot of people pointed out the irony there because she's the one who cheated on him and she's kind of filthy she says and I quote I know we had one of the world's biggest break ups twenty years ago but Hey the man is a genius she let me stop you're doing examine you think see why she should stop acting like she's sixteen you said it yeah they took the words right out yes I just don't think that'd look it's a good look on her she still does the over the top I make up and then she kind of does that stick your tongue out to the camera head turn thing you kind of go your mom now you know like I start doing my own things ram once in a while

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