Mind, Body Connection


Hi Everyone, I'm Oprah. Winfrey would you answer true or false? Two the following statement my emotions and my thoughts have a direct bearing on how physically healthy I am, and I'm sick and my mental attitude can help to make me well well. My guest say that both are true that there is a crucial link between the mind and the body. My first guest is a surgeon who works with cancer patients that other doctors have sent home to die. He tells them. To Abandon Conventional Treatments like chemotherapy, but to combine them with a whole new belief system about life, and the purpose for living his remarkable results are documented in his book. It's called. Love Medicine and miracle. Welcome Dr Bernie, Siegel to. My second guest says that there is a direct connection between our emotions and our vulnerability to disease. Specifically, he says that certain emotions increase the risk of strokes and may even trigger certain viruses to cause disease. He even says that tumors have been known to shrink if a patient thinks them smaller welcome, clinical psychologist and author of Super Immunity, Dr Paul Pierce saw walking. If you can think certain tumors smaller, why can't you think other things? Why can't you if you have colon cancer? Why can't you think that you don't have it or if you have a heart murmur? Why can't you think that you don't have it? Why do you have control over some things and not control over others point a great deal of control everything right ideas at every thought you. You have results in a shower of chemicals that alter the body. It's defense system its immune system. It's healing capacity. There's a healer within that we have control over there is disease. There are things that break in US illnesses, a natural part of living, but we all get sick. Sometimes we can find that healer within somebody what said it. You know that God cures. The doctor sends the bill. That must have been dad who said back. And you have documented many many cases of people who? Appear to have miracles in their life, but you say there's no such thing as Miracle Yeah. Needs in his book cancer ward used the term self-induced healing. Yes, the interesting thing about medicine. If you get back to bills in business medicine, the only business that has not studied suggests we do a lot to people who don't do well. Nobody stops and says why don't you get cancer? Why don't you AIDS when you meet the AIDS virus? And what I'm saying is? If you study survivors and you study success, you have something to teach. It is not an accident when you don't die when you're supposed to according to a doctor. What is it? It is a change in you and a change in your life. That's part of what we're talking about. There are things called. Neuro receptors you our body mind. You are not a body and mind if you change your disease changes because your body changes really yes. You're not your body and mind. You're not just a body, or you want some interesting. Yeah, facts, things like people with multiple personalities, yes, can have a disease in one personality, not in another can have an allergy in personality, not in another studying, and this goes all around the planet. This fascinating, yes. Yeah nobody ever told me that in medical school. Nobody ever told me in nineteen, thirty three I think it was Carl Jung interpreted the dream and made a physical diagnosis so I work with dreams with drawings. You're what's going on in your body. We can bring that awareness out. So does this mean that each of us has control over our diseases remarkably slow listen to a bunch of surprising things never taught me in school, either where the only animal in the world dies on a given day of the week more than other days. That is Mondays people, the majority of people who have a heart home let me. Let me interrupt this for one second, because that's very important statement number one is we all die someday? Get the bad news over in the beginning of the program. Death is not a failure. Okay, but the hospital everybody dies at two in the morning. We have incredible control over when we die now there's a reason i. Well my communist try dying Newnan Hospital. They won't let because reputation is based on. You're not dying and the other is families that you don't say to each other I love you, you say. You're rotten, mother, kid, you know father, so you die at two in the families asleep or left, but if you have that kind of control over turning off your live. You also have a lot of control over turning the mind. Remarkably so when you have gall bladder surgery. Room faces trees instead of a wall. You're out about a week earlier

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