Philadelphia 76ers to resume NBA season against Indiana Pacers on Aug. 1 in Orlando


Tonight at seven PM eastern standard time a little under three hours ago the N. B. A. restart schedule was released by the league your Philadelphia seventy Sixers will begin their run on August the first facing the Indiana Pacers a seven PM game also when I give the times they are all eastern standard time as the games are in Orlando at the wide world of sports in Disney world I'm a couple of you know the little detailed information that I can give you which is wonderful our first and foremost to my understanding in the in the doubles individuals that I have spoken to no player on the seventy Sixers tested positive in the Copa nineteen tests if something changes obviously all Bob either call in the W. I. P. or from all that time will work I'll I'll put out on social media so that's great news other good news we know that July the ninth the Sixers will be flying down or the other that is their day to fly down to get set up at the grand Floridian hotel and you know get everything set up for practice in the very unique schedule they're going to have the eight game regular season or I should say he came to close out the regular season and then to alter the determine the seeding for the playoffs if you want good news the seventy Sixers have the second easiest schedule of the twenty two teams you know they start out with India which isn't an easy task but then they have the spurs the wizards the magic the trailblazers the sons the raptors and they closed it out with Houston the times do vary the first game they have on August the first is at seven PM then it goes to eight PM four PM six thirty six thirty four thirty six thirty in the final game the time has yet to be determined now if you are in dire need for live sports that are not golf for MMA or NASCAR boy you're gonna be in heaven with what the NBA has set up I now picture this be getting R. D. it's really gonna be the beginning August first there are games on the thirtieth and thirty first but beginning August first there will be every single day we held hours of games starting around either twelve thirty or one in the afternoon going all the way till twelve thirty A. M. or one AM every single day until they get to the second round of the NBA playoffs so you're gonna go from zero to a hundred miles per hour so you'll certainly finally get some type of fix and I know we all know right now down in Florida the positive tests of covert nineteen are just astronomical they're setting new records every single day and it's terrifying because there's more ons out there who are feeling of refusing to wear masks like a parks and rec episode I'm but I would but Adam silver in a conference call with many many people today said many things all one huge take away for me which sticks out more than any other of course the other they're planning for players to test positive they have everything set up if multiple players in the same team test positive them all that we're gonna have a problem but he did say it is happening you know whether they finish is another story but it is happening he I'm trying to find the exact quote that that that he had laid out there well here it is we're coming back because sports matter in our society are they bring people together when they need it the most and that was how he closed out something that he was saying basically saying we are going to give it a go we are going to get off the ground you're going to take off with the question of whether we will we will be able to land which we hope I will

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