20-Month-Old Boy Shot And Killed In Chicago, Mom Also Wounded; 21 People Shot, 7 Killed So Far This Weekend


People were shot last weekend in Chicago, another weekend of shootings. So far, 21 people have been shot and seven killed this weekend, including a 20 month old boy. Wgcl TV reporter Jeremy Ross has the latest on the boy staff Bastard. Donovan Price was outside Saint Bernard Hospital Saturday afternoon, as was a red four door with bullet holes in the back. And passenger side. This is the first time I held a mother and a father at the same time as they grieved over their child. A 20 month old was killed. Baby was bleeding. So bad hours before this car carrying a 22 year old mom and 20 month old child was towed away, releasing a shooter saw the car pulled alongside the vehicle and started firing. Raising the mother's head and hitting her son in a car seat in the back. Police say about seven or eight shots were fired the mother driving her car to the hospital for help, but it would be too late for her young son. That boy is the fifth child under the age of 10 shot shot in Chicago in the last week and 1/2. A deadly

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