Dressing your child in a gender neutral way


This week we have a message from listener Allie and Allie wrote twist, and she said in reference to you and Rilo. She said I like how you always dress Rilo in cute, but mostly gender-neutral close. Maybe an episode on that and other parenting choices would be interesting. Yes, I thought I would just talk about my choices of how to parent like. Laura! Laura's because very my not the expert but I. Do you are aware of an expert more of an expert than? I. Genuinely. Don't even think that's true. I have the viewpoint that I am one hundred percent the best mom in the whole world for Rilo. And Not for any other child, so I can tell you how I parent Rilo, but I very much believe that everybody is the best parent for their own particular child and nobody else's child. That is something I. believe so strongly, so I can give you my take. It might not at all apply to you, and also it might not even it might not apply. Apply to my hopeful-. Hopefully, I have more children or a child. At least it might not apply to my second child. It may not apply to Rilo. In two years three years I have no idea but going into it I very much was like we chose the name Rilo when we didn't know if it was a boy or girl wanted to gender neutral name. I tried to kind of dress. Him Gender Neutral I. Give Him toys of all sorts. And then you just see what they're. You know I really try to not. Be Conscious not to push. Gender specific stereotypical things on him. But I fully support it whatever he's interested in, so I bought him like baby dolls and his kitchen, which I guess, unfortunately are things associated with women, and he has his cars in his trained in his truck like stuff and I'd say he likes both right now he is fully fully into like trains and trucks and cars, and then and so we buy more. More of those books and he'll like. Tell us what books he wants. He'll look on the back of his books and point to other books. He wants because he sees the pictures of other books, but like the other day he said I want this book. And it was like a book of a Princess so I'm going to get a firm. You know so right. Much, take that stance I'm not gonNA like I'm not like dressing my little boy, and like to to for like that would feel like performance. Likely asks for two unless Yasser Tutu exactly so. Like! Whether we have a boy, a girl or boy next whenever whenever that is I hope I'll use. His hammy downs and I don't know I kinda just try to dress him. Gender Neutral I. Guess would be the Word I. keep his hair long. He's got his little bond I don't think about it all that much, but like before. Da Grana we were in a little kid store, and he pointed to a shirt had lake just like trucks and cars all over it, and it was not something that I would ever picked out for him myself, but he's like. Do. You want this shirt and it's his favorite shirt and he goes in his journey grabs it so sometimes you try your hardest. It's been interesting because you try not to push these gender things, but sometimes kids kids are like into certain machines or In his case, he really loves cars and trucks. Not just like what he's in do it's not my passions, not nick's half in. But like my nightmare nightmares, having a child, and then being really into sports. They chose sports I would support them. Exactly I wouldn't know how to navigate it, but you don't have like deep thoughts on the issue other than I'm consciously choosing not to push the. Words you will never hear come out of my mouth. are that's for a girl, or that's for a boy? Like those are words they would never cross my lips or like he wears pink pants and I got him like I was looking for a Sippy Cup. At whole foods for him. When I was ordering my online groceries and I was like sippy cups for kids, one they had was like bright pink with red. Pink Flower Ping Carts and I was like great, perfect cue, cute for a kid, Q. Boy girl, and I bought it for him I'm not like. Like you know like I'm definitely socially conditioned to be like. Oh, they have a girl one, but I like very quickly after like. Check my own bias against that and say like He. I am going to buy him. This Pink Cup with pink hearts, and like that will be my son's next cup. You know that he carried with him. Everywhere are little. cousin Henry who is going to be a ring bearer for our wedding. He loves pink and Purple They are his favorite colors. And when we were picking out all the stuff for them to wear for the wedding he really really wanted a pink flower. Give him a pink flower and we. You will one day Angela one. Day But the point is. He loves PINK AND PURPLE AND WE don't make a big deal that we just we get him pink and purple stuff.

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