GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 704: MLB Storylines, Vince Carter Retires, and Top 5 Number 1 Picks - burst 24


These number one. In in my. When I was going through it I was like all right. There was a lot of good NBA. Players ignition be that hard. browse an ladies. Again, don't I don't assume and listen to the PODCAST I? Know ladies out there. I Love Sports, too. But if you look at from two thousand. Onward I mean this list is very shaky. Knocking There, might they will get to it. But I think there's like one. Like surefire hall of Famer, on this entire list. We could make it. but I. think There's only one share fire hall of Famer. And he doesn't tired this past offseason. Cheese all right, so we'll go through. Go through the the. Scanner fresh everybody's mind so two thousand Courtney Brown defensive end from Penn. state drafted by Cleveland accomplishments very limited. you got Michael Vick. Virgin tackle in Falcons his confirmation, a little bit longer, David car. Obviously not exactly the greatest I pick for the Texans. Though his office line was not all his fault, Still Carson Palmer. USC went to the Bengals. Not Bad ally manning. Originally after by the chargers in the Nasi was eventually traded. Alex, Smith. You from Utah Forty niners had good years there and with the chiefs. Are Mari Williams defensive infamous CAROLINA STATE END UP IN HOUSTON. Had not, a bad career for number one pick. you, Jamarcus Russell Lsu went to Oakland. We all know how that ended. Jake long off the tackle from Michigan wine to the dolphins again. Not Bad career got Matt Stafford. With the Georgia went to lines still playing, but again not the not a great Kurbanov. Bacteria. You Sam Bradford from Oklahoma went to Saint Louis Rams. Started out. Okay, but just the never stay healthy you got cam. Ozzie went to arguing with the panthers. Not with Banfield anymore the winning team, but got him then after him was Andrew Luck. And the colts has occupied before you decided to retire early. Eric Fisher tackle us. From Central Michigan ended up became the city. Just want Super Bowl. Shout the him David on cloudy. Nasty with the Texans in the more recent when you know James. Jared Goff. Then myles Garrett Baker Tyler Mary Jo Borough Ozzy most recently so when you look at this list Not Great not awful awful, but not like great, so there's only. Three guards at won the Super Bowl one being Eric Fisher. WHO JUST ONE? the other one obser- Being Eli and then the last one being David Cars Manning's backup. So List. when you go through these I mean. I kind of came AMAS. I came to win, but like this wasn't like. I'm just this is like. More lasts like off the second thought about it. We're going to do this on a thought about it like over. Wednesday and Thursday so again you may disagree. You may not but I feel like the best number. One pick like has to be Eli. Right like again. You see the best player no. Not even close. Now by any stretch. But. He's confident most the pro bowls I. Think the most anybody. These topics has four. yeah, most anybody has four. So, he's got the four pro bowls. He never made all pro team. I don't believe which I mean. Not so bad, but he's won. Two super bowls at once. You bully peace. Including beating Tom, Brady, And allow check the goats. The go coach. Go quarterback twice. And once when they're eighteen now. And he's popular, one that as of right, now is a hall of Famer on. So I mean that's got to put them in number one even though again. Is the best. Player Probably not just career wise. I don't really know who was. You could say? He's had a better career up to this point which again. Is indictment on his going 'cause US. Career is good. But like he shouldn't even be locked the HOFFA AMY's. He is because he's going to get in, but you shouldn't be like uncertain law. In dislike Legitimacy in the hall of fame stuff like that on past episodes I mean I agree that he'll get in, but again you could argue like when you think of a hall of fame like is not somebody you think of unless you're Don's Fan, obviously, if you're giants fan, though disagree with this, but. I guess. Maybe that's just my own personal opinion, so then he's probably the best. Than Second I would go with. This I. Mean it's it's. It's interesting I. Don't know you could argue. Angel was a better quarterback than Cam right like you could legitimate that argument. Known, really, way. But. He didn't win pay. And if I bet holds a little bit more weight to me, and also his career is not done, so he could add to it a little bit more, but even if you WANNA to be unless team to super bowl. That is put them ahead of Andrew Luck for me a little bit now again. I, do contend look probably a better quarterback Cam Newton. But again they do different things, so it is what it is. but the MVP in Super Bowl appearance even though they lost. Even though they did lose look does have him. On the on employs at Walmart probe got a comeback player of the year

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