How did that become pulling down Andrew Jackson in the park and then wire the police allowing that to happen


Were in the park last night attempting to pull down the Andrew Jackson statue that's been there forever and in broad daylight and one on one on for hours with no police showed up to do anything for some reason I don't understand why we just decided that moms get to decide what statues are in our parks even though they were probably put up at great taxpayer expense there is a an element of society in government that just says just don't make people angry just don't make them angry and are already angry just submit and how did the white police are mean to black people but not that I shouldn't say it that way somewhat white a white policeman murdered a black guy but in general white I don't even know how to phrase anything anymore well especially when you look at the real numbers of of police file not even gonna you know I know I know but it's important to at any time if it happens what started as problem with racist policing according to the protesters how did that become pulling down Andrew Jackson in the park and then wire the police allowing that to happen well well this is confusing to me well I'll explain it to you the energy of the American people saying we must preserve people civil rights is being utilized by radicals they're taking that energy and turning it toward the critical race theory the the the the racist anti racist that Marxism the rest of it they're using that energy and that energy or or in those radicals are pulling down Andrew Jackson because he's part of the patriarchy in history white supremacy so that's what's happening but back to the core question police brutality if you want to use that term it's it's good enough for my suppose but I think anybody with the living soul understands that this is the worst thing for good cops and bad cops and to whatever extent we can reform policing and make it better and more effective and and and and reduce tensions between various communities in the everybody wins it's a great idea and in most cops supported to have virtually all cops in the halls of Congress where they do two things nothing and overreact they're working on police reform ideas now you may recall is probably about a week ago I said I predict there will be no significant move toward police reform because it's too good an issue to solve one of the curious parts about democracy in this gets back to old democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried you as a politician are much better off still king the pain of an issue than solving it if you solve it you will get a third of the people to come to the polls that you would get if you promised them you're gonna solve it in politics you get paid in advance you don't get paid for the work you do once things are solved people pass by they're not gonna show up at the polls politicians are smart they know this so I predicted that there would be nothing would be happening nothing would be done because the Democrats in particular desperately want this issue to drive you to the polls to god immigration and abortion have been two of those for decades and this might be another one for decades ago well in the end you know abortion is said so morally fraught but the immigration the idea that we couldn't come up with a compromise to get in plenty of temporary workers and you know let the daca keeping people stay around and of course we could you give me a week I'll work it out bipartisan it's not even hard but yeah that's a great example it's better as an issue than a solved issue well Tim Scott is a Republican conger I'm sorry a senator from Florida is a black man he's been talking about the negotiations trying to get something done and this clips a bit lengthy but I think it's worth going through he's talking specifics and clip twenty two I hear and I read in the house bill that they want more information so they can write training in the right direction that's the foundation of our bill they say they want more training on the escalation that's in our bill they say they want to have the chokehold band or reduce except for the life of the officer that's in our bill they say they want to do to intervene and and

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