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I'm Brian Clark is the United States reported more than forty thousand new coronavirus cases Friday more areas are making face coverings mandatory ABC chief medical correspondent Dr Jennifer Ashton explains why masks are right now the best way to slow the spread of covert nineteen the purpose to be crystal clear is to block the emission of potentially viral particles when we breathe when we talk when we laugh when we sang those particles can travel over twenty feet and people can be infected and not know it so it is mainly for the protection of those around us two of the largest states population wise are reinstating some restrictions as they see surges in Florida on Friday they reported a staggering eighty nine hundred cases the governor wave that off as a test he says he won't mandate wearing masks but the mayor of Miami will and bars there now bars across the state of Florida are no longer allowed to serve alcohol Miami Dade County beaches will be closed on the fourth of July weekend says A. B. C.'s Trevor Alton Texas the governor there ordered bars closed Houston mayor Sylvester Turner supports that decision he says the caseload across the community and in our hospitals is the highest it has been than at any point since all of this started Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg said Friday the company's going to remove disinformation about voting when it comes to voter suppression even if a if a politician or government official says it if we determine that content may lead to violence or deprive people of their right to vote we're gonna take that content down no matter who says it Facebook

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