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Way the first wave hit Europe's first World War battlefields


In the spring not wanting to look weak the Germans the British the French and nearly everyone else kept mum nearly according to John Barry author of the great influenza the story of the deadliest pandemic in history it was only covered by newspapers in neutral space in fact it was that coverage name going was not at war didn't sense which perhaps securing himself a check a lot of press about and and got the night's in this world so the Spanish flu is not because it originated there but because it was written about them because they can got it exactly was well established elsewhere before ever right we do know that it's spread on our shores out of control from a military base outside of Boston right that was the first place that the second wave hit in the United States I mean the virus clearly changed in the first wave generally mild they were actually medical journal articles saying this looks and smells like influenza but it's not going enough people so it's probably not once there was a mutation between the first and second wife almost certainly I mean you can't do that through the like L. biology but epidemiologic Klay it seems quite certain between fifty million and a hundred million people worldwide were infected that would be cool if you adjusted for population somewhere between two hundred and four hundred million today and there were roughly six hundred and seventy five thousand killed in the US an estimated twenty eight percent of the US population so the second wave was the deadliest

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