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MLB Players' Strange and Inspiring Hobbies



So first of all. What's the latest on the negotiations to get baseball? Backup running. So there was a pretty extensive ammo seventy page protocol document by MLB that was presented to the Players Association on Friday. It's very clear to things to me. One the League is taking the health and safety of their players very seriously and to this is not going to be normal baseball as we know it. Everything from you know the fact that they're going to have the hand sanitizer between innings. A ball is touched by too. Many people. It gets changed out to the lineup. Cards now usually the managers or coach come over and they present it to the they meet with the other team all of this is going to be done electronically so while we may have baseball. Twenty twenty It is going to be different. It's not going to just be no fans. There's a lot that's going to go into this. And there's a lot Surrounding the teams in the players that they're going to be held accountable for in order to pull off something. That's this big this ambitious. And how likely do you think it is? That will have major league baseball by the first week of July. I think we will. I think it's become increasingly likely because I think both sides stand to lose a lot right. You're talking about billions of dollars. When the owners concerned players will get a small fraction of their salary of there's no season I think the baseball should look at it as listen. You have a chance to be the only sport going on right now. You have a chance to captivate an audience and to expose baseball to people that otherwise just simply wouldn't watch it. You saw what happened with that. Michael Jordan documentary. The LAST DANCE. You saw how it became really a fabric of our culture was all anyone was talking about and part of it was it was Michael Jordan but a big part of as well as the fact that there was nothing else going on and I think baseball if they don't get something going really misses the opportunity and misses the chance to continue to grow and build. Its audience this year. Money aside so I do think there's a lot of motivation for everyone to see some form of baseball in twenty twenty. Well let's get to the importance of here. Brit what Major League baseball players have been doing with all the extra time on their hands. And let's start with Orioles. Outfielder Anthony Santander. Here's the one to deliver on the way that balls tagged way way back. They turn around and look at the Vail and goodbye homerun to homer inning Venezuela players kind of emerged for the Orioles. He's a guy who fans have kind of taken. A little bit of particular liking to is not afraid to express his personality. Remember that I saw Miguel Carrera. He play winnable My CD against thought Gino's and that's why it's my favorite player. He became sort of strangely famous last year. During this incident at Camden yards involving some British fans this was just a regular August game against the Blue Jays. And what happened was more than four thousand. Uk Fans were in attendance. They become kind of enamored with Santander. And what you have. Is this large group dressed in orange absolutely going nuts with anything and everything? He's doing all the left again. Tandare back on. Let's shape gets an applause. Wonderful two feet. He's favorite player. I mean he was smiling. He was shaking his head kind of getting rid from teammates about the whole fan club. He threw a baseball into the stands at one point. Kind of giving one of them. Lucky Souvenir just for minds you again. How Fun Baseball be? So what has the terming? Anthony Santander ben up during lockdown. So he has been up to playing the harp or vans. This time I contract the rest to continue my daily routine which is learn how to play this beautiful instrument now this sounds super random right except it is a very popular instrument in Venezuelan music. So it's a part of their culture and you know he has to make sure his fingernails or a certain length. This requires hours and hours of practice. I don't know anything about the this instrument I don't know how to play it. His hope is that he can play a song when this is over. Four fans on the harp with this time with a baseball. Have the commitment to learn how to play it so come every single day. I lease for two hours so hopefully next year I can be able to play a song for you. Guys GonNa give my best to be ready for that time. I think he did not realize how hard the harp was. I'm not a musical person per se but I think when you look at instruments to learn the harp has got to be in the upper echelon when it comes to difficulty A lot going on with the fingers lock goes on the wrist a lot of intricacies that. I don't think he was immediately aware of when you have decided to take this project on.

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