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During the re opening at public


The re opening of houses of worship as president trump appeals to governors to open up churches he also threatened override the governor's if they don't bite president trump spent part of his Saturday afternoon at a golf club out in Virginia at the first time we seem to make a trip out there since early March certainly a side that they want to see things start to reopen here from the white house's point of view and that's also happening when it comes to what you were talking about religious facilities all around the country now the CDC the centers for disease control releasing new guidelines for how those religious services can begin the CDC says they want to make sure that healthy hygiene is promoted that people use cloth face coverings and that they'll be minimizing community sharing a worse of material and that they'll consider using electronic collection boxes are not basically passing the basket around fox's mark Meredith severe storms some with large hail and tornadoes caused heavy damage to parts of North Texas the National Weather Service confirms a town a bully was hit by a tornado last night at least fifty businesses and dozens of homes were damaged but no deaths or serious injuries reported America is listening to fox news when

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During the re opening at public

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