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In very good shape no road work of the house until Tuesday so we like


Sixty five upper fifties near the coast Memorial Day clouds break for sun again a high near seventy again cooler at the Jersey Shore and on Long Island right now we still have some fog around some cloud sixty three degrees but the light rain in the city sixty five in Yonkers sixty two degrees in Ridgewood queens sixty seven in rye twelve forty at W. C. B. S. times are challenging right now around the country but true green knows that the grass will get greener you may be spending more time enjoying your lawn this season than ever before in true green can help make your lawn happy healthy and weed free go to true green dot com to receive fifty percent off your spring application at true green will take care of your lawn he would take care of you to

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In very good shape no road work of the house until Tuesday so we like

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And there's your opening to remind them who pays the bills around here

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Through Suffolk or moving well

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The winds will subside as we go into this evening it's not it's going to be

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Northbound on the house right

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News more often twenty First

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Tomorrow mostly cloudy with a shower in spots during the afternoon hi seventy three degrees

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Of that road work bill parkway

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