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Best Of: Domonique Foxworth - burst 14


Now? Rob a how obnoxious has a? Chief's Fan put us next year when the chiefs when the super bowl and got so right because you know you have that quarterback so you know you're just getting started. Yeah listen I'M NOT GONNA lie. It's been a long time coming so I'm the to noxious I can be. We've been enduring a lot in my lifetime. I think it was my first chiefs game. Seventy five and Had suffered every year since so to win. The Super Bowl was pretty special. I was with my son which made it even more special so that's it's I haven't come down from it and I don't think I will. So how emotional were you being with your son waiting since one thousand nine hundred seventy five? Are we getting funny man? Rob Riggle Man's Man Rob Riggle to get blubbery all weepy. I you know I I didn't wait I just was in shock That it actually happened and I mean I. I sometimes the Kansas City folk we. We tend to to to set our sights too low like you know she could just make it to the Super Bowl. That'd be that'd be great. That'd be enough for me. I was like I WANNA go to the Super Bowl and I want to win the Super Bowl. I WANNA be champions and When it happened it almost felt surreal. So and you know it's it's amazing is my son. I'm you know he never had a chance. We live out in California now. But he's he's a Ku fan. He's a royal fan and his achieves fan. You never you never had a choice really But in that time since he's been alive the Jayhawks have won the championship. That gone to a couple of championships. The royals won the world series. They've gone to a couple world series. The chiefs make the playoffs. You know they They win the Super Bowl. He thinks winning is easy. He thinks championships come easy. And I've had to try to educate them on

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