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The state DOT and number three the city council says when beaches do open


Well I think we'd have to do of those things that put us in a better position to avoid the spread and of course the concentration of population masquerading so put in the city is greater than any place else Westchester's elements that look just like new York city if you go to the south coast outside of Mount Vernon where I grew up a pledge of nearly shell of Yonkers deported the box you don't know if you're in the box or if your Westchester county but a lot of Westchester county is also more world population and does suburban population so we're in a better position as his long island to to try to meet these metrics the city has a much tougher road to go my point and in making the comparison is that to open up our home county is a very good thing for us but it doesn't ultimately solve the economic need because New York City

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The state DOT and number three the city council says when beaches do open

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