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Hour 3: Unused Giveaways - burst 13


Of the audience said. Lebron believe he got thought Shack. Wait a minute. That's that's a whole lot of people are ignoring the athletic shack years. What are you guys doing with him with the Celtics the cavs like are you forgetting what? Shaq Shaq was not as obviously gifted but bigger than Lebron. I mean some of them are forgetting some of them. Frankly didn't know that are just looking at Lebron James. He's kind of like a free in his own right. Yes yeah. That's what I'm doing do shack. That's everything do with Lebron James who looks like he'd be the greatest tight end of all time to tell you that are you above. Fudd rutgers is an endangered species. I am fifty. Five percent of the audience said yes. They are They're bummed. I is very upset about fund. Rutgers did we do the same thing with the last dance for Union. Would Stephen a Smith that Netflix did. With a tiger king

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