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Going to hear from Jesse now she's a singer a Dj and also a radio presenter. Oh I get to work alongside a radio one of other jobs. She was just in her final week. Him Co presenting. The breakfast show in this interview was recorded. I identify as a female lesbian growing up in Essex. It was very much like with the popular girls over the time at school and not just knew the. It was pretty goes. I was friends. Wave always in that popular group of the sports teams with And we always got the good looking boys kind of hovering around us of which obviously they became like really good friends with them. But I remember thinking why is shade? Itin him why is Hay's eighteen because I always though maybe I'll just fancy my friend school because she's really pretty say alike court she was. She's really outgoing. Range really popular. She's great person. You know that kind of thing thinking maybe I don't actually fancier live a new audit. I used to talk myself out of. It's just because you like what she's wearing kind of thing. So did you have a full-on crush with friends are modum best friend car. We speak about it now. All the time I always had quite pretaped. Fem boyfriends like the real girly pretty looking. Boys Lot really gorgeous. I mean sticker wig on like you have me different. You know a really long blonde hair and blue eyes that kind of thing but I would always got like a boy in the school for like two free weeks then that want to have a case whatever else fancy many more fancy someone else so you got around it that way you ever. Did you ever have any so-social called coincide? We're boys well had boyfriends growing up but like never kind of pass the quite kissing unquote phase until I got to sixteen. Hottest boyfriend is v day and he was a couple years older than me. When I sixteen. Yes I lost my virginity to a boy and experience. I just knew it wasn't I mean not love him but not like that mean and decide. I Wa- I was with him for year and I was thinking I don't want this to happen anymore. From the age of sixteen I moved away from home to go to this performing Arts College. I went to London. Said cops mean just slightly out of London and I lived there all of a sudden I got all this freedom from the age of sixteen had quite a bit of money in my account. Because I've done a lot of like TV jobs. Growing up performing arts stage shows in the western moments safety from got spunk connor. Sixteen I got friends. Who the Guy Boys Era Doreen Bird for college and obviously used to be like a fried are like come on. We got into town and we'd go to like heaven in London G. Y. When it was a story in London sixty nights not so it was in the ninety S. I'm yeah yeah late nineties and it was just incredible. I remember the first time we can in thinking. I just feel so high and at the time I still have this boyfriend in Essex. The LOST MARVELED UNITY TO I. Don't use remember standing in Heaven under the arches in London. And there's like this kind of Baolcony bit that surrounds the dance floor and you look down dots on remember seeing this girl. She's really fit and I was really attracted to. I don't just couldn't help a thou- I don't speaking my friends my gay male friends and they didn't know what I was going for all. She's happy to be going out with them to these gay ause. I thought you were straight gail. Just hanging around with look coming out for the law a few drinks always the Joe. Ca- me some looking down the balcony and this girl. She keeps looking at me but I couldn't say to my friends because it didn't know Oth- oh maybe a light boys and girls and that's okay. I've got bisexual friends. Maybe having all this free my heads the guys went to the toilet. Now you know what guys like when I go to the toilet. I took forever in the them. Guideline that stock saw. I like all way here knew exactly what I was doing. I just as they went away. I said make sure you come back away in this box. It was always packed. I'm looking at with the dance floor and she's gone whereas Cisco Gone Looking for. Oh what am I going to turn round? She was there a my face. She went you guy. And Yeah a believer city. I just went and we still kissing and it was like the most incredible experience of my entire life. I had my first Lesbian Kiss in heaven. Then she went on what she name. I was like Jesse and she said Oh. Hi I'm Laura. I'm just going to tell my friends where I am. And she she was doing didn't show. Yes you slightly older. The me lie. She knew and I'll just start as low fly baby into dancing when she starts then he walks off Patrick Species Leffler. That was me I was like. I was all in a panic but it was amazing. Incredible Fade in the NFL. And she go back Laura. Laura thought Noah I'll tell you so she didn't come back but you know I was kind of relieved because my friends then came back from the toilet and I did not explained by the way. I'm a lesbian now because I didn't know how always failing so they just about the toilet and things ripple nothing happening here and my friends. My best friend crease. He was longer than usual. So a Wolfer the dance ought to say and this. Chris was out yet. Either Chris Wherever you not. We've all been waiting for you. The was still up the balcony bay towards the toiler. This time I said. Where have you been all that was a massive Qaeda's a massive q? And Chris a totally black game and deny walk. Bad person for doing this is because I wanted to tell him what did just happen to me. I'll make Chris. Don't lie a know your I of just seeing you kissing this guy outside the toiler Ole all. Please don't tell anybody score Asia's whatever Russkoe shocked by the way. I'm very sorry to to the Scottish people but yeah I told him. Talk Bobby off just kissed. A girl just jumped this massive hug all throughout college. Chris was gay arm lesbian. We just had this collection together that nobody knew we love here so he had been kissing a boy saw. The toiler wouldn't totally blocked and got it. Rai Yes a totally go awry stays this one night of say Dave and tell you I was wearing. I remember every dates how it was such a massive. Carter point in my life. It was an awakening an awakening. It why love is the fact that you literally have sounds like that was the first time you'd ever verbalize those words. I'm gay and then within about three seconds you're kissing a woman. She just stuck tongue thrown up for where she's bloody gorgeous. She's ready Fan. I'M NOT GONNA say no and honestly wanted for such a long time and then obviously a couple of months down the line. Chris and I start going out together and my best friend best friend from college and like it was just so amazing. I had this guy best friend the I could be myself around all that stuff going school on new fancy my best friend at school. Actually I'd accepted everything. Do you ever told you best friend at school. I've told her since we still in really good contact now and we did have a bit of a case in a nightclub in the she went. You always fancied SCO avenue it co- cover stop it but yeah on. A sleigh is just amazing and then going through. I realized I thought I liked boys as well. I thought I was bisexual because I had such love. You still have this boy talk. So what happened to him? Well I just kind of Went Down Essex to visit my family to visit him. Nauseous largest is just not for me. Didn't she say to him? I can't be reviewed because on lesbian artist could earn just went ready. I wasn't ready and all that judgment. I thought I was going to get. You know I always as kind of grown up being around heterosexual people all the time like I didn't until I went to college. I never I've never had a gay friend or it wasn't until as much as it is. Now I I remember seeing grey notre ones in G. Y. On shooters that's amazing. He's gay made on TV. I just it does make a difference. Doesn't it having those role models and those people out Amoco's well that's really amazing what you're doing as well because having things like this. I think if I'd had this growing up it would have helped me to just accept to lot quicker like I went through thing whereas maybe if I just set with another guy I would be straight because I really struggled with. Don't want to be a lesbian for was. Why was there a period than what you really were in the closet and didn't want to admit it to be especially when I came home from college like summer holidays and that kind of stuff unites along six weeks? When you can't feel you can be yourself. I mean I don't need to have a badge. Sign on Lesbian. But you know if I saw Angelina Jolie on telly I want to be out. Say she fit mom more. Hold him back a huge part of May and of my life and there was this guy. It fixed incomes calm the Gary H and he says a fancy adult. I kept knocking on the door. Boot Ronald Flowers. I even went on a date things. My mom was always lovely what you should go on a date with him. I'm not in the end. Don't thinking what am I doing? So this one I sixteen. It was about eight months off to my first lesbian. Kiss only eight months in the closet though nothing. I honestly I've had a really easy story. Compared to a lot of my friends it was just basically me except for myself to mom. Mom I gotTa tell you something. I'M LESBIAN. She went all right. Then what you want dinner. Brilliant Mommy Brooks absolute legend but honestly since then she said to me awful guy for if as I thought. I'll just go with it but should well. He's not a phase now obviously off the married to a woman. Did you have any questions? She didn't have a she up in conversation again. She just went with their. You know and you know if I was coming out. She's kind of all we going to like an algae bt new tonight and then the next door to me and that kind of

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