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Right now taking a look at the temperatures around here we have


Are over eighty nine thousand reported cases of coronavirus in DC Maryland and Virginia this as the state man city and the state St city C. nineteen hundred new confirmed cases of corona virus over the past twenty four hours Maryland saw Levin hundred new cases there were eight hundred new cases in Virginia and over seventy new cases in DC since the outbreak began Maryland has recorded almost forty five thousand five hundred corona virus cases in Virginia there are over thirty five thousand seven hundred cases and in DC almost eight thousand cases more than thirty eight hundred people have died in DC Maryland and Virginia since the outbreak began for recovery numbers in more data you can check out our custom infographics to WTOP dot com search corona virus the nation's capital is also the nation's top coronavirus hot spot according to Dr Deborah Burks with the White House coronavirus task force number one metro with the highest positivity rate is the district of Columbia by

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Right now taking a look at the temperatures around here we have

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