Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady is on


Now WBZ news radio live sports are slowly making their return to the United States in the we're waiting for professional leagues to finalize their plans to resume or cancel we do have this look forward to the match this Sunday afternoon in Florida when former quarterback rivals Tom Brady and Peyton manning will square off in a game of golf with their decently well known partners Phil Mickelson Tiger Woods there's been some trash talk leading up to the charity event and Brady let another bar blues on manning in a chat with bleacher report I'm just worried about them pumping crowd noise in there he starts making putts like they used to you know at the RCA dome so I'm ready to deal with anything that comes up with I think there's a degree of mental toughness that comes into this he'll make his first your shots Brady sees that jab before but still good this should be fun and a nice way to spend party or holiday weekend when the match is aired on TNT

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