Police tried to tase Ahmaud Arbery in 2017 incident, video shows


The video released this week shows a police encounter with the model our brief from several years ago he's the unarmed black man that was shot and killed back in February while jogging the two thousand seventeen video obtained by the guardian shows the officer trying to search our break he refused to end nearly being tased bear his look his family's lawyers say it raises more questions about the local police departments conduct CBS news correspondent Omar Villafranca reports from Dallas the ideal body cam footage from twenty seventeen first obtained by the guardian so the Glynn county police officer approach Ahmad armory into Brunswick Georgia park okay as the officer returned from running our breeze license Ahmad appears to be upset I'll tell you one here may I say one because this area is known for drug activity well I'm not searching you I'm checking for weapons all right ma'am less than two minutes later another officer appears in our brief refuses to let them search his car it allowed me to search your car I'm not as there's no reason to CarMax the second officer then orders are free to the ground after he fires his taser but it now functions and doesn't shock armory I got one day off a week one day a awful week I'll try to show them what they all grow and thankfully they let our breed go and he walks away more than two years later our breed would be killed by father and son Gregory Travis McMichael while on a run Meeder Mick Michael was a Glynn county police officer but they suspected our breed was burglarizing a construction site in their neighborhood the property owner says R. brie took nothing and surveillance footage shows multiple people walking in the handling of our briefcase has drawn widespread scrutiny the McMichael who were arrested months after his death a judge outside the circuit were armory was shot is now handling the case after five others recused themselves and three district attorneys have passed on prosecuting it in a statement attorneys for the armory family told us about the body cam footage quote it appears to be just a glimpse into the kind of scrutiny amat armory faced not only by this police department but ultimately regular citizens like to make Michaels we also reached out to the Glynn county police department but did not hear back

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