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Félicien Kabuga arrested near Paris for role in Rwandan genocide


The man accused of being a major funder of Rwanda's genocide in the nineteen nineties is now under arrest Felicien cougar allegedly financed the militias that massacred some eight hundred thousand people the BBC's Willbros reports Phyllis young computer a businessman from the Hutu ethnic group is accused of being one of the main financiers of the Rwandan genocide paying for the militias that carried out the massacres he also founded and funded the notorious Reggio Emelia Colleen the Rwandan state broadcaster that actively encouraged people to search out and kill anyone who is from the Tutsi ethnic group the fact that he's being found on the outskirts of Paris living under a false name is surprising for many years Phyllis Jakob that was thought to be living in Kenya where powerful politicians were accused of thwarting efforts to get him arrested more than a quarter of a century after the genocide Mr cougar will go on trial at an international

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