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To in the past. It's not give us fifteen bucks. You'll get a whole new world of programming instead it's keep subscribing to the HBO now Streaming Service because we just gave it a face lift and made it a whole lot better. I'm Jefferson Graham. This is talking tech. Let me fill you in Max's. Hbo Plus Movies TV series and cartoons from the Warner Brothers Library. Classic Hollywood and Foreign Films From The T. C. M. Film Library original animation and more now. Hbo Now just got a whole lot better. And for me since I was already subscribing. I have more of a reason to keep it. I like the programming selection. You may like it too if you have an apple TV or google chrome cast streaming device in the house but if you're like most people and get your streaming the a Roku or Amazon fire TV streaming player while you're out of luck for now. At and T. Which owns Warner media? Didn't make a deal with either. So it's either fork over thirty five dollars for chrome cast a hundred and fifty dollars for the Apple. Tv device or watch. Max on one of the newer Sony or Samsung. Tv's here's what you're gonNA find. Hbo IS PROMOTING. Heavily the complete collection of friends and the Big Bang theory at the top of the front. Page the Harry Potter films and others from the Warner Brothers Library including man and wonder woman Max is broken up into several hubs. This includes looney tunes cartoons. Adult swim in the cartoon network. Hbo MTC 'em some hubs are better than others. T is fully featured with classics Galore. Like the wizard of Oz gone with the wind and I really love this. The Complete Charlie Chaplin Film Collection Cartoon Network has just a handful of series like the power puff girls and dexterous laboratory. But it's missing some key titles like Johnny Bravo and courage the cowardly dog unlike the recent Disney plus launch which had hundreds of vintage animation from the bolt along with four current titles. Max has many of the best of bugs bunny porky pig and gang including a duck amuck corny concerto in gorilla my dreams but a big emission at least on the first day is the greatest looney tunes cartoon ever made. What's Opera Doc the? Hbo Hub is basically HBO now with. Yes. Every episode of Game of thrones the Sopranos Kirby enthusiasm plus more. But if you're looking for something outside of those hubs navigation is tough for instance. Max promised classics from the Hanna Barbera Library like the Flintstones and the jetsons an episode of Conan from the TBS Library

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