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That the chiefs spent their first round. Pick and Clyde Edwards Hilar-. I would just like to counter. The Damian Williams had six touchdowns at the playoffs. and Y is has just been the number one running back on the best offense in football, and everyone is just pretending that this rookie will just obviously an automatically just be the only fantasy relevant dude, meanwhile, the actual start, or who has not been dethroned yet is available five rounds later six rounds later, and to me is like the epitome like the quintessential zero running back choice because you've got someone who has already gotten a job, and it's not like he just fell into it like last year he got hurt and training camp, and the chiefs were adamant like he's our starter. We don't care like like. Now he's starter, and then there's this year where he's going into it. I understand that collided with will overtake him obviously in the long run, and probably at some point this season. And I probably would take classes layer before Damian Williams, but I find it baffling. He's available in the ninety overall spot like like. That's crazy to me because in week one. Danny Williams is probably going to be the starter like collided resilience and spent much time with Patrick Mahomes this offseason, Danny. Williams will be the starter in week one and like you can get the chiefs week one running back. In like with like your tenth tenth pick that's crazy to me so again any read after the draft said about about clubs there. You can't do just one guy in today's football, so we've got a whole lot of these guys. Now it's going to be a backfield dominated by Williams and Allaire. I think it's going to be way closer to even for the first half of the season. Season at a crazy value to me and you know it's almost always a smart move, and a running back by committee is just draft. The cheaper guy drafted cheaper guy, and also the cheaper guys rarely the incumbent starter who is just outrageously good in the Super Bowl, so I just I think a Lotta David Williams this year I felt like the history of of first round, running backs. And volume. The it's it's very very rare that a first round running back doesn't get the most volume and Andy Reid has only drafted one other first round running back and it was Shawn McCoy. I'm not saying is going to be better and fantasy this year than clydes there. I'm not saying I would drafting Williams. Value He's saying that Edwards Allaire going I mean some people are seeing him as mid twenties or mid thirties and then Damien. Williams going in the nineties. We're talking about zero running back and the whole premise of this is in some ways like basically. Let's just assume we don't know. The breakdown of the Backfield is wells. We think we do Damian. Williams number one on my list by far. I'm looking at ADP from twenty nineteen right now from fantasy prose Damian Williams at least on this list is August. Second was twenty four. I want. Just like mad because here, here's the way I look at burn by him last year. Here's the way I. Look at it. If Clyde, Edwards Allaire gets most of the backfield carries Damien. Williams has okay worse case. You've got a guy getting thirty percent. Four percent snaps in the best offense and football, and it'll be starred. Bless flex prop maybe. And upside is will it be really shocking? If eight weeks through the Stephen Davey? Williams is like just getting the most of a committee, and like he's getting the most snaps and cloud over to Lara's getting slightly less is that's shocking. That'd be is I'd be pretty surprised. I mean not every is. I would say it's very rare for that to happen. It does happen, so it's you know I'm I like them for Zero Deka who do you? Who Do you like better all right so I I think I think a very good target in this room. This ranges Kareem Hunt from the Browns for for a number of reasons number one like he's a really good. He's a really good handcuff. And and that's, but that's not. Not really the only reason I think yes, standalone value because at least based on how they use them last year. We still there's there's certainly uncertainty whether he'll get all of the passing down usage that he did last year under a different coaching staff so i. think that's baked into his ADP right now. He's you know around a fifth rounder, but he he's. He proved to be a very very good pass catcher from week ten on after he. Served. His suspension. He was the RB seventeen in the NFL average. Twelve point seven. PBR points per game. Nick Chubb for a little comparison thirteen point zero PBR. points per game in that stretch, so they're like basically even to finish the season. NPR League so clear standalone value. You can get it very very late and then also the added bonus. If Chub goes down, he's like a a League winning type player. He led the NFL in rushing his rookie season. He's done it. It's not a question of. Led the League in rushing last year, right? It's not a question of if he can do it, or it's not. You know people are excited about this rookie, which obviously we are excited about rookie players like we've seen him on the NFL field breaking tackles being a very good pass catcher, so he's in A. He's in a very kind of unique situation. Because you know, he's behind one of the best running backs in the NFL but at the same time. If they use him in a similar fashion. As they did last year, he could be very very good value at this spot, so he he's like I. would probably maybe I would take him over swift, probably just because I think the Browns Are More dedicated to run I think than than the lions yeah, hunts at the intersection of standalone value and upside yet handcuff upside. Craig got another mid round running back target. Yeah, a little bit, but I. Actually like to Rick Cohen this year. He's gone as the fortieth running back. taken drafts and two years ago, he was the eleventh best and you know. The bears offense last year was a mess, and he was still rb. Twenty seven. I mean. He was almost rb to on your team. Even if both years seem unrealistic, even if two thousand eight teams to good into dozen nineteen was kind of his floor. If you somewhere in the middle that I mean, that's inbetween rb, eleven and RB twenty seven. That's an rb to and the bears throw the ball. I feel like people think the bears run the ball a they don't. They threw the ball the fourteenth most times last year. Regardless of who the quarterback is, I think Tariq Cohen is going to. To get a lot of targets they they didn't sign back. Taylor Gabriel not a lot of people to throw the ball to on the bears and I, think Tariq Cohen was a steel as the are before. I WanNa I. WanNA I WANNA. Play a quick game here. How many how many running backs do you guys think had? Don't look it up and if you already did then this is cheating, but how many running backs had one hundred plus targets last year. let me try to cacophony for net I. Think did YEP yeah. Four net into Rico Cohen that right I bet you probably can. Tomorrow didn't 'cause. He was hurt too much Kamara had ninety seven so as McCaffrey at Keller. Emily McCaffrey had one hundred forty two targets toss nuclear, one, hundred and eight, Torri Cohen, a hundred and four. I mean he's. He's getting far less valuable targets because they're all just sort of like of the dump off. Nature he had seventy nine receptions for five, four, hundred and fifty six yards so. It's not like he's getting a ton of like real meaningful volume, but you can't discount. Four targets will, but here's my question. Here's my question for you. How much was the bears? Offense designed for.

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