Homeland Insecurity: A Conversation With Erika Andiola


Your new podcast called homeland insecurity. Basically, it's a new documentary podcast from releases. About sort of the history of immigration enforcement, and how it all change, but we get into that egg. I wanted to at least introduce a clip that will play. Explain that really. Basically, it's you. It's your voice exploring how immigrants like yourself? have, become the enemy. And how feared change America so let's listen to the clip. I moved to the US from May. He go in their family when I was just eleven years. Old I never imagined will be treated like villains. Bringing drugs, children or forcibly separated from their practice down on sanctuary cities, bringing grime for a ban on all those long 'til suspend immigration over the corona by rapist. So. How did we get here? How did emigrants become the enemy? This is homeland insecurity it podcast from die says about the unwritten history of the HFS about. America lost its way. I'm your host eighty guns. In this podcast we'll go back to the very beginning, and how the mission of the H S win from fighting terrorists to something else. To keeping emigrants. At all costs. Subscribe to homeland insecurity wherever. You listen to podcasts. Visit Homeland Security PODCAST DOT COM So I WANNA make the connection because I you know I i. get what you're saying. It's very important, and and we've been very clear. You know black lives. Matter is black lives leading black voices amplifying. You know we're doing everything we can to be like. How does? How does How does this movement continue to stay elevated? But at the same time, just hearing what you're saying, right? And also, when you talk about police, because obviously police is not just Phoenix city police I mean there's so much police around us, and you are an enemy. You have become an enemy. Erica so how do we begin to make the connections and unpack? And how does your podcast wanted to throw so many questions at you and you can just go in and talk, but how does your podcast? Why do you think your podcast is so relevant now even more I think it is so I want to hear all up. Just it all out my friend. Definitely well, look, we ray now are able to have a much more clear. An open conversation about sixty matic systematic racism and white supremacy, and those are conversations that are really hard to how on a on a daily basis where a lot of people don't make the connection. So, what do you mean? Immigration has anything to do with criminal justice system. You know what it is a different entity than the police. Don't they do different things focus on different people in? It's always our job as as activists than. Organizers to really explain this this is how we works. You know this is not only how we works, but also this is where it comes from, and one of the big calls that we had just I think it was pretty big. With twenty twenty nineteen he was to abolish is and there was so much pushback you know like helping you. Abolish is like what's going to happen. Who GonNa Enforce this? It's a parallel that I'm seeing with people just really questioning cokie. You defend the police like what's going to happen where security gonNA know how security going to happen and. Continuous conversation of US having to explain that a lot of the systems are based on on white supremacy. Allow this system surveys on racism and the jobs that the police and the is Keri Al are basically rooted in that and so one not start looking into the root of that, and that's what the podcast does with the chest specifically.

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